Exporting Energy — Good or Bad?

To The Reader’s Forum:

It was announced this week that the United States just became a NET EXPORTER of energy. I’m guessing energy meaning oil and natural gas, perhaps electricity. Does anyone out there think that becoming a Net Exporter of energy is good for the country? Should we be retaining all ‘energy’ produced in the U.S. for U.S. consumption in order to possibly lower the price we pay for energy or should we follow free market philosophy and sell to the highest bidder? And if we sell to the highest bidder, are we in fact subsidizing foreign countries by having to pay higher domestic prices?

I’ve always been a believer of the Free Market Economy but in this case do American energy producers have a responsibility to keep all U.S. produced energy in the U.S. and perhaps suffer lower earnings in doing so? Just wondering!

Tim Fagerstrom,