SAFE Act Opponents Aren’t ‘Unfeeling And Unintelligent’

Regarding the open letter to Senator Young about her support of repealing the SAFE Act: I though this gentlemen’s comments were inappropriate, uninformed, and ridiculous, especially based on the fact that Senator Young is fighting for what the majority of her constituents want. Not many of our politicians seem to give a darn about the citizens they are sworn to represent. I commend her for doing her job. Please keep it up, Sen. Young.

To insinuate that one who is opposed to the SAFE Act is “unfeeling and unintelligent” is stunning. As of May 2013, 52 of New York’s 58 counties have passed official resolutions in direct opposition of the NY SAFE Act; some of these counties have directed their law enforcement officials to not enforce the SAFE Act within their jurisdictions. At least 250 local municipalities in upstate New York have also voiced opposition. I suppose they are all “unintelligent and unfeeling.”

Since you have attempted to make a point by hiding behind and exploiting the victims of Sandy Hook, let me attempt to make mine. I am sure that the Skinners who were murdered on Wheeler Hill Road couldn’t disagree with you more. You remember the Skinners don’t you, sir? The wife was repeatedly raped and suffered beatings and dismemberment. The husband was forced to watch. He was also butchered and beat within an inch of his life. The perpetrators then set the house on fire and burned them alive. I believe there were four individuals who committed this reprehensible crime without firearms. I don’t believe the SAFE Act would have prevented this from happening.

You appear to be a staunch supporter of the SAFE Act even though most law enforcement agencies and officials are not. I have been in the firearms profession for over 25 years so maybe you can answer one very important question for me and my customer base: Exactly which part of the politically motivated SAFE Act would or would have prevented a Newtown incident? The SAFE Act is nothing more than a fool’s placebo to those who support it. It accomplishes nothing just like the fired case law which was known as CoBIS. After about a decade of this nonsensical law it was defunded because it was a waste of taxpayer money and it produced no results other than punishing law-abiding citizens.

So suppose a criminal with a stolen handgun and an illegal 15-round magazine invades your home. Chances are he has a priors, is a habitual offender, and is incorrigible. However he is still on the streets. If you shoot at him with more than eight rounds (seven plus one in the chamber), you will be criminally charged, lose your handgun permit, and your weapons and magazines will be confiscated and destroyed without compensation.

And please don’t touch the Second Amendment or try to contort it with specious reasoning. You should revere it. The New York SAFE Act is one of the most breathtakingly brazen and bizarre assaults on the Constitution and on individual liberty in the history of the United States. It is frightening to wonder what the government has in store for us next. I guess I am just “unfeeling and unintelligent.”