Northside PRIDE?Continues Garden Work

Northside PRIDE has completed Phase III of its community garden. With the generous help and contributions of the BPU, Jamestown Renaissance Center, BOCES, Northside PRIDE members, Chautauqua County Health Network, Jamestown Gardening Group and community volunteers, a water source has been installed and 12 gardens have been constructed, installed and planted.

Kurt Carlson, Northside PRIDE’s interim president and community gardener said, “I am so thrilled and thankful to all of the people and organizations who helped us make this vision a reality.” For me, said Carlson “the greatest benefits of a community garden is sharing a positive experience with my neighbors and having immediate access to fresh herbs and veggies. Though we got started a little late, gardeners are already enjoying the bounty of a fall harvest.”

The final phase, Phase IV, says Carlson, will be the installation of four more beds (which will bring the total up to 16 gardens) and the planting of several fruit trees and berry bushes.”

Northside PRIDE’s “primary motivation” says Carlson is to make the ” neighborhood attractive to home owners and homebuyers. It is our hope that the shared experience of gardening and building edible and floral landscapes will help achieve our goal.”