Editor’s Note

My brother and sister-in-law knew they would be having a baby this month. They just hoped he would arrive at an appropriate time – meaning when we were home from our vacation to Watkins Glen International.

There are many great things about NASCAR tracks – the cars, the sounds, the people. None of them involve giving birth. There are safer places for that.

I’ve never been pregnant, but I would assume most mothers envision giving birth at their local hospital with a staff they know and trust. Going into labor at a campsite or in a grandstand would probably fall into the “worst-case scenario” category.

It would’ve made for an interesting story- “Baby Boy Boos Busch Win.” However, it would’ve been a high-stress experience for all involved, I’m sure.

Thankfully, Seth held on until a few days after his parents had returned to Kennedy and was born last Wednesday.

After becoming his uncle, I’ve learned not much brings excitement to a family like a new addition. There were many relatives and friends who stopped to see the newborn, his parents and big sister in the hospital. Lots of phone calls, text messages and social media posts were shared, and Seth was the focus of everyone’s attention. That probably won’t change in the near future. People love babies.

I’m glad he’s happy, healthy and – most importantly – that he wasn’t born at the racetrack.