All Things New Shares Music, Ministry With Jamestown

All Things New, a Florida-based band and local opener Good Little Giants entertained guests of the Willow Bay Theater Friday evening.

Both All Things New and Good Little Giants are faith-based groups of musicians who provide spiritual context within their work that is either hidden subtly within their lyrics or broadcast powerfully via microphone and amp.

According to Jordan Spencer, general manager of the Willow Bay Theater, he was stoked to have All Things New make their way to Jamestown.

“What All Things New represents, the music that they play and their energy as a group is fantastic,” Spencer said. “They are pretty new to the industry and the scene for their genre and style of music, but they are blowing up. So, I’m just glad to get them here while they can still fit on my stage.”

The folksy Florida quartet, All Things New, a JRA signed group of artists of the Jeff Roberts Corporation, consists of: Garrett Hornbuckle, vocals and guitar; Luke Wycuff, drums; Joshua Schou, bass; and Jeff Stein, guitar.

According to Hornbuckle, he was very excited to play the show because he loved the way the theater looked and felt.

“We love playing old theaters – it’s really cool,” Hornbuckle said. “The downtown area of Jamestown is awesome, and we just got back from Taco Hut where we grabbed some grub.”

In between tunes, Hornbuckle reflected the portions of his life in which he was led to God, and why the discovery was important to both him and those who surrounded him.

“The reason we travel across the country is because of the ministry behind it – I don’t think we’d do this if there was no ministry or faith behind what we said or played on stage,” Hornbuckle said. “Knowing where God has brought us now, and what he’s brought us through, we want to proclaim that from the stage to let people know about the love and grace he gives us.”

He also spoke about the ministry he is involved with, One Child Matters,, which was formerly Mission of Mercy. The organization sponsors youth who are struggling or are in crisis.

All Things New’s self-titled debut album contains 10 original tunes. According to Hornbuckle, a few of the band’s favorites to perform include: “Washed Over Me” and “New Man.”

For more information, visit or or search for “All Things New” on Facebook.

Before All Things New took the stage, Good Little Giants, a Jamestown-based quartet of musicians warmed the audience up with a several tunes. Spencer was also quite excited about Good Little Giants having the opportunity to share their music with the people of Jamestown on the Willow Bay Theater stage again.

“Good Little Giants is just good music, and people love listening to them,” Spencer said. “They are developing a really good local following so that always helps knowing people are going to come just to see them.”

Good Little Giants consists of several area residents including: Scott Phillips, vocals, guitar and banjo, who is originally from Russell, Pa. and currently lives in Warren but has spent much of his time as a musician performing in and around Jamestown; Shane Maze, vocals, guitar, dobro, mandolin and banjo, who is originally from Sugar Grove, Pa., and currently lives in Rochester; Kira Spencer, vocals and sound prism, who is originally from Randolph; and Jason McKinney, cajon and ukulele, who is originally from Portage, Ind., and currently lives in Rochester.

“I really enjoy being with these guys because they are true professionals, and are the best that I’ve ever worked with – we have a lot of fun together,” Kira said. “Something that ties us all together is that we’re all Christians.

“One of the reasons we really enjoy performing here at the Willow Bay Theater is that my home is right upstairs on the fifth floor – so I can just walk right down,” Kira continued. “It’s super comfortable here, and we’ve performed here a couple of times as a band.”

Maze also loves being in the group, he said, especially because he feels the band’s style is unique.

“We have a very different style,” Maze said. “We call ourselves folk, but we’re not you’re typical contemporary music. We love doing Christian stuff, but we also love reaching people who aren’t church.”

McKinney, who doesn’t always perform with Good Little Giants, joins the group as often as he can, he said.

“I’ve been playing guitar all of my life, but I also love adding something to a group – so here I play cajon and ukulele,” McKinney said. “Guitar is my true passion, and what I love to study is jazz. Scott and I have played together for years.”

“I’m kind of the common denominator for all of us,” added Phillips.

In addition to his work with Good Little Giants, Phillips has also toured extensively as a solo artist.

“I got kind of burned out doing that – so I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t ever play again by myself,” Phillips said. “But, during those years Jason and I played on the road a lot together. Kira and I had also done some singing together. But, Shane was kind of the catalyst that really got this group together. He called me out of the blue, told me he loved my music and that he’d like to get together to play sometime. We got together one night and played some songs. From the very beginning it was awesome, and that’s when I said ‘Let’s get Kira involved.'”

Good Little Giants’ debut album, “It’s An Ocean!” features 10 original tunes, most of which were written by Phillips. Several of the tunes the group particularly enjoys performing include: “Birdsong,” “What’s Not To Love?” and “Sad Song.” For more information, visit or search for “Good Little Giants” on Facebook.

The Willow Bay Theater is located at 21 E. Third St. in Jamestown. For more information, call 664-1516, visit or search for “Willow Bay Theater” on Facebook.