We The People?

To The Reader’s Forum:

Our American Constitution is governed by “‘We the People’ not ‘We the Corporation'” (anonymous).

However, we can plainly see how our government and major corporations have seeped together under the guise of protection to invade our privacy. U.S. intelligence has created a PRISM with Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, YouTube and Yahoo, among others, to observe Americans through the Internet (“NSA Slides” Washington Post, June 6, 2013). Verizon has taken it to the skies with governmental agencies where satellites suck up “Smart Phone” texts and conversations and are enabled to monitor our every move (“Government Unveils” Washington Post, July 31, 2013).

The Second Amendment protects the First – which is why I am speaking out while I still can. Through the NY SAFE Act our government has regulated self-defense purchases and created ammunition shortages – sending law abiding citizens searching for shells.

In the case of the government run health care plan, even the business owners are balking! My neighbors, friends and family members have had their work hours cut so business owners can avoid providing the government ruled health care plan. The President answers by delaying regulations for businesses but not for individuals. Americans are now scrambling to attain two to three jobs to maintain the pay they once earned at one job. And, they are no closer to health care. Ironically, these people now suffer from more unhealthy stress in juggling jobs and they are on the road racing to meet their survival needs more often – posing a greater health risk to all.

Meanwhile, my relatives, friends and neighbors who worked hard throughout their lives to ensure proper health care for their families and for themselves have been informed that with new reforms their doctor is only allotted seven to eight minutes per patient.

Who is this health care law helping? Who does this health care law serve? Why are corporate services I pay my hard earned dollar to sending my personal information to government Intel without my knowledge? I love my country, so I ask, can I trust my country’s government that my relatives and those of my neighbors and friends created and have defended through the ages – a government that threatens to leave us sick, profiled, impoverished and defenseless? Are our government’s attempts to redistribute wealth killing the American Dream of personal success through hard work? If so, who will bail US out?

Deborah L. Barton