Keep Working To Repeal SAFE Act

To The Reader’s Forum:

Mr. Alessi, in his August 11 forum letter, is to be commended for his support of Senator Young.

His letter, however, goes downhill after the first sentence. Doesn’t he realize that Chicago is the last city in the U.S. that bans its citizens from owning pistols and most firearms? Why, then, were there, as he wrote, ” several hundred people killed over the last weekend in Chicago alone?”

“LaPierre and his ilk” , that, I would guess, means four million law abiding NRA members and I, have shown our understanding of the Second Amendment by going to the Supreme Court and winning a case to force Chicago to let citizens defend themselves. As soon as the Chicago politicians abide by the Supreme Court’s ruling, perhaps the death rate will decrease to the level of cities allowing weapons of self- defense.

Alessi’s statement, “Contrary to what Mr. LaPierre has publicly stated, using the Second Amendment to justify the maiming or death of even one human being – child or adult – is not in any way justified.” means you, Mr. Alessi, have given up your right to self-defense of you, your family and property. That may be fine for you, but I love my family too much to not protect them.

Finally, you commend Governor Cuomo for incorrectly using an emergency rule to rush a flawed bill through in the middle of the night, without the stipulated three day consideration period. I would challenge the Governor to start his ethics campaign in his own office by being ethical.

Mr. Alessi, you are correct that the Second Amendment doesn’t trump the rest of the Constitution. It does, however, provide the means to protect the rest of the constitution.

I encourage Senator Young to keep working to repeal the S.A.F.E. Act and commend her for voting against the amendment giving retired law enforcement exceptions that other equally qualified citizens don’t receive. Thank you, Senator Young, for supporting my unalienable right to defend my family and myself. I would hope Senator Young continues support for better defense methods for our New York school children. History shows that total weapon free zones don’t work to protect our schools.

I would hope that more well informed citizens would support her by using their First Amendment rights and their right to vote.

Gary Barton,