Descendants Of Thomas Wayte Celebrate 132nd Reunion

STOCKTON – Descendants of Thomas Wayte, who landed in Boston, Mass. in 1634, celebrated the family’s 132nd reunion on Saturday, Aug. 3 at the Chautauqua County Firemen’s Grounds.

President Helen M. (Waite) Burlett welcomed family members to the gathering. Della Nickerson-Kelly gave the table blessing before the meal was shared. Bonnie Kemp and Shelia Wassink were the first arrivals at the reunion site.

The meeting was called to order with minutes of last meeting read. Treasurer Terry Meacham reported on financials. The memorial service noted that family members Clifford Burroughs of Glens Falls and David Fancher of Silver Creek passed away during the 2013 year. The same officers will continue their duties in 2014.

Anna Carpenter Waite’s 90th birthday was celebrated with Cheryl Updyke Brecher, organist at Little Valley Baptist Church, playing “Happy Birthday” on a portable organ. Anna also received a birthday card with many greetings for her special birthday. The organ was brought to the reunion by Shelia Wassink of Rochester.

Music was the theme for this year’s reunion, with Sylvia Johnson gathering information on the Waites’ musical abilities into a formal notebook. Crystal Sponeybanger read an interesting story about early ancestors in Wales, three brothers who others attempted to force into ship service. The brothers, however, escaped the highway men and later boarded a ship to America and landed in Boston, Mass. The article also stated that there is a large interest in the United Kingdom in musical Waites, who presently travel as singers throughout the U.K. and Europe. The link for U.K. Waites is by Professor Richard Rastall.

Next year’s reunion will be held at the same location at noon on Aug. 2, 2014. The theme will be hats for men and women, and persons attending should bring decorations and miscellaneous items to decorate hats during the workshop. Annette Waite also suggested family members share newspaper memorials of Civil War ancestors at that time.