It’s A Sad Day …

To The Reader’s Forum:

Friday, Aug. 2, The Post-Journal ran Connie Schultz’ column about another round of newspaper cuts – and a toast. Especially sad because it is happening throughout the country … hopefully not here-yet! Can’t help but wonder why people can’t seem to recognize and appreciate a hometown newspaper. It can’t be the cost, I see many folks stamp out a just lit cigarette before entering a retail store. They cost more than a daily newspaper!

Do you realize how much information (and the economic influence) a paper can provide the community? When Connie Schultz started with her newspaper more than 400 people worked in the newsroom, when she left, less than 200 remained. That’s a lot of lost trained, dedicated workers! Read that item in a newspaper!

I also found out in a letter that since President Carter surrendered the Panama Canal (which the United States built and paid for) China has now established control of both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Apparently they determine who and how “our” canal may be used. Did you know that? You can learn a lot from newspapers.

Being retired perhaps gives me more time than most to enjoy getting my news from the paper. That doesn’t mean that I always agree with their opinion, nor do they with mine, but at least we know.

Of course some of my news comes from TV which includes Fox News. After watching all major channels I feel it presents a balanced presentation. I still get smiles when I mention Fox to some folks. They express their opinion that Fox lies about the news. (They will admit that they know this to be a fact even though they have never watched the channel! Remember also, the President has suggested in his speeches that Fox is not trustworthy. These same people have rushed to embrace Obama’s concept that he is frustrated with the endless parade of phony scandals he is being forced to try and explain! Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS, even I can see who is untrustworthy).

Back to our newspaper. Where else does the average reader have the opportunity to even express his “frustration with a President and administration who seem unable to see where our country is headed?”

Yes, I go along with the “toast” also.

That’s one old timers’ opinion!!

Leo Wilcox,