City Planning Commission Approves Paving Project

Employees from Ben Weitsman of Jamestown presented a revised site plan to the Jamestown Strategic Planning and Partnerships Commission on Tuesday.

Their presentation, which detailed a revised site plan for construction that is planned on the property, was one of the final hurdles that had to be crossed before the project can continue.

The project will include paving 91,000 square feet of the scrap yard, located at 610 W. 8th St., as well as several other improvements to the property in order to make it more environmentally conscious. It will also feature plantings along the perimeter of the property and maintenance of all of the existing foliage. The revised site plan has already been approved by the Department of Environmental Conservation.

“I think this was a productive meeting,” said Martha Zenns, chair of the commission. “(Weitsman) came back after talking with the Department of Development and the (Department of Environmental Conservation). They’re filing what they need to do with regard to the environmental impact. There are some concerns right now with the neighbors and the dust, but hopefully that will all be controlled when they seal the parking lot.”

During the discussion of the revised site plan, discussion became heated regarding the grandfathering of the Weitsman property, which some members of the commission felt could pose problems in the future due to its location.

“I think in terms of potential environmental concerns in the future, we have to look at this long-term,” Zenns said. “We need to figure out if this is the best use of that property.”

Weitsman’s revisions were approved based on the contingencies that they go to the Zoning Board of Approvals for their variance, which will be their next step.

“Assuming that is approved, then they can move forward with their site plan and their project,” Zenns said.