Lutheran Golf Outing Results Announced

The group of Jay Beers, Tom Whitney, Lenny Truby and Dan Mets combined to shoot 114 and win the Lutheran Golf Outing at Moon Brook Country Club on Monday.

Front-side winners were Gordy Black, Ron Pappalardo, Rhoe Henderson and Pete Cardinale with 60 and the back-side champs were Roy Glosser, Jim Zierner, Jon Scalise and Jim Garde with 56.

Pappalardo was closest to the line on No. 3, Matt Hartweg had the longest drive in the fairway on No. 18 and closest-to-the-pin winners included Todd Anderson on No. 4, Bill Bernard on No. 8, and Tom Holt on both No. 13 and No. 17.

Other top finishers were:

123 – Bill Carrol Sr., Todd Anderson, Bill Carrol Jr., Phil Toennissen

123 – Chris Smith, Cole Stearns, Kris Waddington, Mike Goldman

124 – Jeff Griffith, Tom Scoma, Jason Cuoco

127 – Rich Dixon, Alan Gross, Matt Hartweg, Ken Lawton

127 – Barry Eckwahl, Jasyn Consiglio, Billy Erickson, Jeff Ribbing