Parent-Child Tourney Held At MB

Moon Brook Country Club played host to its annual Parent-Child Tournament on Sunday and featured divisions for both boys and girls.

Starting with the 8-under girls division (six holes), Hannah Tarbrake and Rod Lind finished first with 31, Alexandria Gren and Jon Gren were second with 32 and Anna Tranum and Marcia Cirbus took third with 46.

In the 10-11 girls division (six holes), Kelsey Tarbrake and Mark Tarbrake took first place with 38, Jenna Stockwell and Ray Faschiano were next with 40 and Morgan Wilson and Mark Wilson shot 42 for third place.

Mikayla Johnson and Paul Lindquist paced the 12-13 girls division with 34 while Sarah Pillittieri and Carl Pillittieri took second with 36, Olivia Gren and Dave Bogdan placed third with 40 and Morgan Tarbrake and Mark Tarbrake shot 46 for fourth place.

In the girls 14-and-older division, Morgan Johnson and Lisa Johnson combined to shoot 54 for nine holes.

Cam Crist and Chuck Crist headed the 8-9 boys division (six holes) with 32. Andrew Auer and Bernie Auer tied with Sam Eimiller and Kurt Eimiller for second with 39s, Eli Moore and Alex Moore were third with 41, Jacob Smeraldo and Rick Joslyn tied with Tenton Moore and Alex Moore for fifth with 42s and Carter Schmelz and Karl Schmelz were seventh with 49.

Pete Auer and Hans Auer took first place in the 10-11 boys division (six holes) with 34, followed by Drew Keppel and Jeff Keppel with 37, Lawton Tranum and Jim Cirbus placed third with 41 and Riley Auer and Tom Benson shot 48 for fourth place.

Carson Crist and Scott Crist combined to shoot 48 for nine holes in the 12-13 boys division, Jack Eimiller and Kurt Eimiller tied for second with Jim Sandstrom and Andy Sandstrom with 54s and Ben Lockwood and Mark Lockwood were fourth with 56.

In the boys 14-and-older division (nine holes), Dylan Glatz and Jamie Glatz took first with 41, Matt Johnson and Andy Judd finished in second place with 43, Anthony Deppas and John Deppas were third with 47 and Dalton DuBois and David DuBois were fourth with 58.