Annual Neighborhood Picnic Held

The 10th annual South Stockton/Route 380 neighborhood picnic was held on July 27. Thirty-four neighbors and friends enjoyed an opportunity to visit, exchange family news and food.

Elaine Titus gave out small monetary prizes for the oldest man and woman, the longest married couple and who had traveled the farthest.

Several stories were told of the history of the area and the families that made up the towns. Walter Waite brought early pictures of Stockton which evoked many childhood memories.

Patty Barber provided games which could be enjoyed by all ages.

The white elephant auction brought many laughs as well as funds to support next year’s gathering.

Next year’s picnic will once again be held on the Firemen’s Grounds, Stockton. The family will meet on Saturday, July 26, 2014, at noon with lunch at 1 p.m.

Any help you can give is welcome, call Bill or Claudia at 962-8411.