City Council Talks Project Change Orders

Many of the major construction projects around Jamestown are beginning to wrap up as construction season draws to a close.

Two change orders for construction were reviewed during City Council’s meeting Monday, including a possible change order for concrete work on Lakeview Avenue and one regarding the parapet wall removal and replacement at Tracy Plaza.

According to Jeff Lehman, director of public works, the Lakeview Avenue project is essentially completed except for the final course of paving and landscaping.

“We started the second portion of our milling and overlay and some other projects, so we haven’t been able to pave it just yet,” Lehman said. “We’ll be back up there in a week or so to get it paved, though, so it’s just about done.”

The change order for the parapet wall at Tracy Plaza was the result of additional demolition work that will be required to complete the project.

“The information that we had from the 40 year old plans was a little deceiving compared to what we found when we dug it out,” Lehman said. “That’s about a $27,000 increase I believe, but we’ll get the numbers in this week. That’s kind of an expected thing any time you’re dealing with concrete work like that. You’re always going to deal with surprises, but it’s something that we budgeted for.”

The parapet wall renovation was included in a roughly $1 million construction package for city hall that was unanimously passed through City Council earlier this year.

Lehman also told The Post-Journal that construction was moving along as planned on Veterans Memorial Park. A groundbreaking ceremony was held at the park in June, where construction began to create the first of three stone circles that will surround the flagpole. The circles will eventually be connected by walkways, as well.

“They were working on landscaping today at Veterans Memorial Park,” Lehman said. “The big circle is in, and we should be up and running for Veterans Day at the park.”