Alternatives To God Sound Ridiculous

To The Reader’s Forum:

Chautauqua Institution was recently host to world-famous physicist Brian Greene, who claimed that current scientific thinking has led many scientists to now believe that the origins of our universe is best explained by mathematical formulas than by God. Greene claims that the multi-verse theory holds that instead of just one universe (ours) there are really many universes in parallel dimensions. Given enough parallel universes and given enough time, according to the laws of statistics, our very own universe is bound to happen eventually. And since we’re here, obviously, then our universe did happen, although it’s just one of a countless number of other parallel universes that exists. According to Greene, there isn’t any actual hard scientific evidence that other parallel universes exist, but he says we’ve got to “trust the math and formulations” that point to their existence. If there are millions, billions or even more parallel universes out there, given enough time, it makes sense to believe that one just like ours would eventually “pop up,” and if this is so, we wouldn’t need God as an explanation of creation.

As a Christian, my response to the multi-verse theory is, “You mean to tell me that in order to avoid God as an explanation for the existence of the universe you’re willing to posit imaginary worlds of which there is no shred of evidence, and seriously present this as a viable alternative to God?” And this is the current state of science? If so, it’s a most desperate state. It just shows the ridiculous extent that atheistic scientists will go in order to deny the reality of God. It also shows the credulity of so-called educated modern people in permitting such fairy-tales to pass as true science. The crowd at Chautauqua Institution seemed to be mesmerized by Greene’s description of imaginary worlds and imaginary people, but it should have been laughing instead, and somebody should have shouted out, “Come back when you’ve got some evidence, any evidence!”

Whenever I hear speakers like Brian Greene explain such speculations like the multi-verse theory my faith in God grows even more. I think to myself, “It makes much more sense that an Intelligent Mind ordered our universe, our solar system, our world and humankind, than to believe that it all just happened by statistical chance.” Alternatives to God come off as ridiculous.

Pastor Jeff Short