Burch Wins Super Challenger Special At Stateline Speedway

BUSTI -The Seamens Auto Wrecking Super Challenger Special was the featured event at Stateline Speedway on Saturday night, but with just two nights of point racing remaining all of the racing intensified.

Super Challenger point-leader Casey Burch made a late race pass of Tim Bender to win the Seamens Auto Wrecking Special. It was Burch’s seventh win of the season.

The 2012 Super Sportsman champ, Dan Nocero Jr., won his sixth feature of the season, but still trails Jim Kibbe in the point standings.

Rich Michael Jr. continued to dominate the E-Mod division as he won his feature event, his sixth win in seven appearances.

Chad Ruhlman passed point-leader and defending Crate Late Model champ Damian Bidwell just before the features’ halfway mark for his first feature win of the season.

The 2012 Super Late Model champion, Dutch Davies, made it two in a row by winning the feature event. David Scott tested Davies several times and nearly completed the pass late in the event, but jumped the heavy cushion allowing Davies to pull away.

Mark Ramsey was the Super Stock winner in a caution-strewn feature event for his second win of the season while Ryan Scott took over the Limited Late Model point lead and the win column getting his fifth victory of the season bypassing early-leader Tyler Green for the win.

Greg Rockwell and Butch Fish brought out the caution on the initial start of the Super Challenger Special. Travis Darling and Bender were on the front row with Tim Fisher and point-leader Burch in row two. It was Bender, Burch and Darling at the end of lap one.

Debris in turn four brought out the second caution just before the halfway mark. The double-file restart allowed Burch to pull alongside Bender for the restart with Darling third and Joe Beach, from12th, fourth. Bill Baker and Dustin Lamb ran afoul of the front stretch concrete on lap eight for caution three. Beach stopped in turn one for caution four with ten laps down.

Bender was unable to hold back Burch on the restart and Burch led the final three laps for his seventh visit to victory lane.

Don McGuire caused the first caution of the Super Sportsman feature as lap two was starting. Michael Kosinski started on the pole and was the race leader with last year’s champ, Nocero, second and Matt Kosinski third. Nocero took the lead on the restart sending Michael Kosinski to second. Brent Crandall was fourth with point-leader Jim Kibbe fifth.

Mike Genco and Ron Burgun tangled in turn two for the second caution with 11 laps complete. Kibbe was third after the restart chasing Nocero and Michael Kosinski.

That was how the race ended. It was the sixth win for Nocero.

Steve Rex was leader on the first-completed lap of the E-Mod feature, Butch Southwell led lap two and Michael took control on lap three. Michael quickly began running away from the field and had a straightaway lead over Southwell at the end of lap eight. The race was for second and Southwell, Leonard Enos and David Scott were all fighting for the spot. Southwell faded, but point-leader John Woodward Jr. joined the fray as the laps wound down.

Scott grabbed second on the final circuit and Enos was nearly taken out by a spinning lap car. Michael won the race for his sixth win in seven appearances.

Justin Smith and point-leader Damian Bidwell were on the front row of the Crate Late Model feature and Bidwell was the first around. Justin Tatlow lost the handle on lap three collecting Joe Buccola and Bob Dorman for the first yellow. Dorman required a wrecker to return to the pits and Buccola left the speedway during the yellow.

Luke Carlton had problems on the restart for yellow two. Ruhlman was on the move after the restart coming to second. Justin Smith spun on lap seven collecting Jason Genco and Dave Shagla Jr. Ruhlman drove around Bidwell on the restart taking the lead just before the halfway mark.

Lap traffic became a factor on lap 16 allowing Bidwell to close with Ruhlman. Bidwell charged under Ruhlman with three laps remaining nearly regaining the lead, but Ruhlman held on over the final laps for his first win of the season.

Davies and Scott were one and two for the Super Late Model feature with Rich Gardner and Scott Gurdak in turn two and Doug Eck and Bump Hedman in row three. Davies got a huge jump on the start and easily led lap one. Scott was second with Gurdak third and Gardner fourth. Point-leader Dick Barton was challenging for fifth from his ninth-starting spot on lap five. At the halfway mark, Davies lead Scott by half a straight with Gurdak a distant third.

Scott was able to close with Davies due to lap traffic, but could not get close enough to attempt a pass. Barton continued to advance getting by Eck and moving up to challenge Gardner for fourth. Scott caught Davies on the white flag lap and moved alongside in turn one and then jumped the cushion allowing Davies to pull away. It was two in a row for Davies.

Ramsey was the first to turn one in the Street Stock feature, but a wreck on the back stretch happened when Kyle Weilacher lost a left rear tire bringing out the yellow before the lap was completed for a complete restart of the event.

Ramsey was again the first around with Jason Covey a close second and Richard Wojtowicz third. A spin by Mike Zemcik collecting Rodney Tomes brought out the second yellow. Four laps were complete with Ramsey out front, Covey second followed by Wojtowicz Dennis Asel and Gary Fisher. Point leader Brian Crandall was eighth.

Two laps later Jason Badgley spun in turn two for caution No. 3.

Elaine Best spun in turn one with Todd Bacon and Tomes involved for caution four. Badgley stopped up against the fence in turn three for caution five with nine of the 15 laps complete. A spin by Victor Earle on lap 11 caused caution six.

Ramsey took the win with Wojtowicz second and Covey third.

Tyler Green led the Limited Late Models around for the start of their feature event. Green Led the first circuit and Ryan Scott used the outside lane to pass Green on the second lap. John Cline Jr. and Nathan Short were third fourth.

A lap-five spin by Chad Schauers brought out the first-and-only yellow. Cline gained a spot on the restart taking second from Green. Short was fourth with point-leader Steve Kania fifth.

Scott finished the event for his fifth win.

Super Late Model

Heat 1: Dutch Davies Warren, Pa., Rich Gardner Waterford, Pa., Doug Eck Corry, Pa., Andy Boozel Clymer, Dick Barton Ashville.

Heat 2: Dave Scott Garland, Pa., Scott Gurdak Bear Lake, Pa., Bump Hedman Sugar Grove, Pa., Darrell Bossard Centerville, Pa., Pete Alspaugh Russell, Pa.

Feature: Dutch Davies Warren, Pa., Dave Scott Garland, Pa., Scott Gurdak Bear Lake, Pa., Rich Gardner Waterford, Pa., Dick Barton Ashville, Doug Eck Corry, Pa., Chris Hackett Jamestown, Andy Boozel Clymer, Randy Lobb Jamestown, Darrell Bossard Centerville, Pa., Brent Rhebergen Clymer, Greg Oakes Franklinville, Pete Alspaugh Russell, Pa., John Lobb, Bump Hedman Sugar Grove, Pa., Chuck Parker Ashville.


Heat 1: David Scott, Ron Seeley Youngsville, Pa., Butch Southwell Warren, Pa., Leonard Enos Russell, Pa., Stu Rickard Lakewood.

Heat 2: Rich Michael Jr. Ischua, Darren Tarabori Galeton, Pa., Steve Rex Youngsville, Pa., Chevy Sweet Corry, Pa., David Lamphere Cherry Creek.

Feature: Rich Michael Jr. Ischua, David Scott, Leonard Enos Russell, Pa., John Woodward Jr. Franklinville, Butch Southwell Warren, Pa., Steve Rex Youngsville, Pa., Chad Carlson Lakewood, Alex Froman Panama, Darren Tarabori Galeton, Pa., Ron Seeley Youngsville, Pa.

Limited Late Models

Heat 1: Tyler Green Corry, Pa., Nathan Short Panama, John Cline Jr. Kennedy, Steve Kania Waterford, Pa., Chad Schauers Frewsburg.

Heat 2: Ryan Scott Garland, Pa., Jake Finnerty Panama, Troy Dorman Fredonia, Wade Watson Ashville, Bill Reeves Celoron.

Feature: Ryan Scott Garland, Pa., John Cline Jr. Kennedy, Tyler Green Corry, Pa., Nathan Short Panama, Jake Finnerty Panama, Steve Kania Waterford, Pa., Bill Reeves Celoron, Bryon Johnson Ashville, Wade Watson Ashville, Troy Dorman Fredonia.

Super Sportsman

Heat 1: Dan Nocero Jr. Jamestown, Matt Kosinski Lakewood, Brent Crandall North East, Pa., Ted Kosinski Lakewood, Don McGuire Harborcreek, Pa.

Heat 2: Michael Kosinski Ashville, Ron Burgun Brocton, Jim Kibbe Clymer, Tom Kosinski Lakewood, Mike Murray Erie, Pa.

Feature: Dan Nocero Jr. Jamestown, Michael Kosinski Ashville, Jim Kibbe Clymer, Don McGuire Harborcreek, Pa., Mike Murray Erie, Pa., Tom Kosinski Lakewood, Matt Kosinski Lakewood, Norm Kloszewski Erie, Pa., Kendelle Kosinski Ashville, Mike Kibbe Findley Lake.

Street Stock

Heat 1: Jason Covey Clymer, Richard Wojtowicz Limestone, Cody Bliss Celoron, Todd Bacon Lakewood, Pat Fielding Titusville Pa.

Heat 2: Dennis Asel Kane, Pa., Gary Fisher North East, Pa., Kyle Weilacher Lakewood, Eric Harvey Jamestown, Mike Zemcik Kane, Pa.

Heat 3: Mark Ramsey Sherman, Victor Earle Jr. Gifford, Pa., John Britt Dunkirk, Brian Crandall Stockton, Brian Mohawk

Feature: Mark Ramsey Sherman, Richard Wojtowicz Limestone, Jason Covey Clymer, Eric Harvey Jamestown, Dennis Asel Kane, Pa., Mike Zemcik Kane, Pa., Mark Thompson North East, Pa., Brian Crandall Stockton, John Britt Dunkirk, Nick Reale Frewsburg.

Super Challenger

Heat 1: Casey Burch Kennedy, Chad Bender Stockton, Greg Marsh Jamestown, Mitch Boylan Mt. Jewett, Pa., Aaron Liberati Jamestown.

Heat 2: Tim Fisher Ripley, Travis Darling Jamestown, Butch Fish Allentown, Kenneth Hultin Panama, John Kent Ashville.

Feature: Casey Burch Kennedy, Chad Bender Stockton, Aaron Liberati Jamestown, Travis Darling Jamestown, Greg Marsh Jamestown, Tim Fisher Ripley, Greg Rockwell Garland, Pa., Steve Keith Clymer, Kenneth Hultin Panama, Mary Hammond

Crate Late Model

Heat 1: Justin Smith Smethport, Pa., Justin Tatlow Franklinville, Dave Shagla Jr. Sugar Grove, Pa., Bob Dorman Stockton, Nicholas Mohawk Irving NY

Heat 2: Damian Bidwell Eldred, Pa., Ryan Scott Garland, Pa., Chad Ruhlman Bemus Point, Doug Ricotta Warsaw, Jason Genco Frewsburg.

Heat 3: Ward Schell Warren, Pa., Joe Buccola Falconer, Matt Harvey Jamestown, Luke Carleton Port Colborne Ontario, Skip Jackson Jamestown.

Feature: Chad Ruhlman Bemus Point, Damian Bidwell Eldred, Pa., Ryan Scott Garland, Pa., Jim Frank Jamestown, Matt Harvey Jamestown, Doug Ricotta Warsaw, Justin Tatlow Franklinville, Ward Schell Warren, Pa., Scott Gurdak Bear Lake, Pa., Joe Buccola Falconer, Mark Tatalovic Guysville, Pa., Skip Jackson Jamestown, Tony Mariano Windsor OH, Nicholas Mohawk Irving, Zack Carley Freedom, Ed Coast, Justin Smith Smethport, Pa., Dave Shagla Jr. Sugar Grove, Pa., Jason Genco Frewsburg, Luke Carleton Port Colborne ON, Bob Dorman Stockton.