Lack Of Knowledge Of Guns Is The Problem

To The Reader’s Forum:

I would like to write this in response to the person who wrote the Open Letter to Senator Young.

American citizens’ Second Amendment is not the problem. It’s the lack of knowledge of guns. I have been hunting since I was 14 and have been around guns my whole life. Guns are nothing but a tool that can be used improperly when placed in the wrong hands. The gun did not pick itself up and shoot people on its own. It has to be operated by someone who is aiming to do wrong. It does not matter what acts of legislation are put forth, gun violence will continue. You cannot hide behind laws. Murder and burglary are illegal, but do people still do it?

Then comes the NRA. The NRA does not go around supporting murder, nor do they support improper use of guns. The NRA is here for the responsible people that know how to use guns properly and to protect these responsible gun owners from people who are uneducated about guns.

The statistic stated saying that 90 percent of Americans want sanity from gun violence is a joke. Do you not realize that a majority of this county is rural, filled with farmers, hunters, and many others who use guns responsibly. To ensure people use guns correctly, the State of New York requires Hunter Safety Courses to educate the young, soon to be gun owners on the proper ways to handle and use guns. You want to see this yourself? Attend a Hunter Safety Course.

Cathy Young does not support gun violence, and she does not support improper use of guns. She supports and acknowledges the fact that there are responsible and knowledgeable people who own guns and who use guns for recreation.

People uneducated on guns are the problem, trying to blame something on the object not the person. So I guess we can blame cars for making people drive drunk and killing babies and children in car crashes due to their intoxication.

I am just asking anyone that reads this to think about guns. Really has the SAFE act stopped any gun violence yet? Does the SAFE act make you safer and make you sleep better at night because you think a criminal will not get a gun to do harm? You better think twice about that.

Tyler Mata