Citizens Must Speak Out Regarding Landfill Expansion

Those of us who live in the immediate vicinity of the Chautauqua County Landfill are affected by its operations on a daily basis, and we see first-hand the amount of waste that is being brought in from outside of our county.

As a small group of concerned town of Ellery residents we would like to give some input on the issue of the planned Chautauqua County Landfill expansion. We would also like to bring this issue to the forefront for all who live in Chautauqua County to consider and voice their opinions. Chautauqua County has already held several public SEQR meetings as a requirement of the state DEC permitting process to expand the landfill. These meetings were a necessary part of addressing expected environmental impacts that will result from the landfill expansion. We feel that attendance to these meetings was low, simply because citizens were unaware of them. They were announced by the county in the correct manner. The draft permit from the state DEC for the planned landfill expansion is due to be posted in the very near future, therefore if any person wishes to voice his opinion or have his questions answered regarding this project the time to do so is now!

As town of Ellery residents, we truly appreciate the efforts of Supervisor Arden Johnson and the town of Ellery Board for the stance they have taken on our behalf. The board has made public a written statement of its position on the landfill expansion and hired Ensol Inc. to conduct surveys of local residents. We, ourselves, have decided to generate an online petition asking the Town of Ellery Board to stand by its stated position and require Chautauqua County to mitigate certain issues we feel to be very important (there are some paper copies circulating).

These issues are certainly not all encompassing, and of course are not necessarily the view of all Town of Ellery residents. However, we feel these particular issues need to be fully addressed for the good of everyone in the county. Anyone who would like to read and/or possibly sign this online petition may do so at This petition provides several helpful informational links including one to the Town of Ellery’s written statement of position. If you do decide to sign the online petition please enter any comments/opinions you have in the designated area as this will help to identify areas of concern. When signing know that an e-mail address is required, but it is not published on the signature page and is not made public to anyone. At the end of the period this petition will be printed and delivered to the Town of Ellery along with any paper copies.

If you do not wish to sign, but wish to voice your opinion you should do so to your local county legislator, elected state representatives, or even to the town of Ellery. We appreciate your support and invite your comments.

Thank you.

Sher Qadt is an Ellery Center resident writing on behalf of Ellery residents concerned about expansion of the Chautauqua County landfill.