Golf Leagues

Tim Bulger carded a 33 to lead the Thursday Night Men’s League at Cassadaga Country Club.

Kent Marsh had the low net with 31 while Brian Blizzard was closest to the pin on No. 15. Bill Baker had a birdie on No. 16 and Bulger eagled the 18th hole.

Scott Johnson 38, Fred Chamberlin 38, Mike Schwertfager 39, Kent Marsh 40, Dan Butts 41, Paul Edson 41, Chip White 41, Harry Eppinger 42.

Robin Kayner’s 41 was the top score in the Monday Night Ladies League at Chautauqua Point Golf Course.

She was followed by Ellen Lehning with 44, Jody Lehman had 45, Sandy Carlson shot 46 and Jeannie Bonar, Mary Gibb and Julie Harle all had 47s.

Shelly Cady was closest to the pin on No. 9 and Carlson was closest on her second shot on No. 2.

Brenda Johnson and Karen Cotten both carded 37s to lead the Mini Mulligan League at Sunset Valley Golf Course.

Pat Ruttenbur followed with a 38, Suzy Panebianco and Dottie Lawson each had 42s, Nan Verga shot 43, Cris Herbst fired a 44, Carol Rivera had 45, Connie Crick shot 46, Betsy Briggs had 47 and Jerry Felton shot 49.

Sue Grace, Mary Bartkowski and Linnea Nichols were the top shooters on Aug. 7 in the Ladies Wednesday Night League at Cassadaga Country Club, firing 45s

Grace and Connie Dugas paced best-ball play with 27 and Pam Crandall was closest to the pin.

Individual scores: Julie Fenton 46, Melissa Kelly 47, Judy Dale 48, Cindy Chimera 49.

Best-ball scores: DeDe DuBois-Mary Kelley 28, Dory Johnson-Kim Murphy 30, Denice Kaus-Pam Alessi 30, Mary Haight-Lori Danforth 30, Deb McCown-Peg Walker 30, Pat Cessna-Judy Dale 31, Jodi Hoffman-Melissa Kelly 31, Jan Wintersteen-Deb Ulrich 31, Jodi Fanara-Tara Hayes 31, Jeanne Stewart-Pam Crandall 32.

Michelle Helmer led the action on the Ladies Wednesday Night League at Cassadaga Country Club, shooting a 42.

Annita Luce and Cindy Chimera carded a 27 to lead best-ball play and Luce was also the closest-to-the-pin winner.

Individual scores: Annita Luce 43, Linnea Nichols 44, Sue Grace 46, Pat Kaus 48, Kay Pagano 48, Jan Wintersteen 49.

Best-ball scores: Amber Kelley-Donna Weir 28, Gayle McKinney-Janet Meyer 28, DeDe Dubois-Mary Kelley 30, Jodi Hoffman-Melissa Kelly 30, Sue Grace-Cathy Smith 30, Michelle Helmer-Donna Frost 30, Linnea Nichols-Barb Swan 32, Marcia Sherwood-Sharon Harrington 32.

In the Parteers League at Willow Run Golf Course, Janice Brown and Sue Vincent led the way with 39s, followed by Cheryl Andrews with 43, Patty Lefford had 44, Cindy DiNapoli and Sandy Pratt each fired 45s, Brenda Wiendenhofer shot 47, Christina Anderson had 48, Karen Bjorkholm-Leeper and LuAnn DeFrisco each connected for 49s and Julie Coffin shot 50.

Sue Ferranto and Shirley Pearson shared first place in first flight low net scoring with 46s to lead the Thursday AM Ladies League at Cable Hollow Golf Course.

Next were Shirley Olson and Jill Dart with 51s and Grace Barkstrom had 57. Sue Sumner had the low net with 33, followed by Blanche Swaney with 37 and Diana Peck had 46.

In the second flight, Laura Martin and Carol Sorg tied for the low gross top spot with 55s, Betty McPherson had 58 and Jeanette Carlson scored 59.

Elsa Hern fired a 35 for the low net, Geri Swanson was next with 36 and Jan Moore had 40.

Jackie Darling led the third flight low gross scores with 63, Lucy Cook and Sue Lamb placed second with 66s and Sue Scalise had 67.

Fran Bauer was the low net leader with 37, Georgie Campbell had 39 and Angie Pellegrino carded a 40.

Laurie Beaton carded a 40 to pace the Tuesday Night Ladies League at Bemus Point Golf Club.

Robin Kayner 45, Martha Pashley 47, Jody Lehman 49, Toni Gustafson 50, Jill Rittiger 51, Jen Garrett 51, Jody Cheney 51, Mary Grace Guarino 51, Eileen Jowett 51, Brenda Knipe 51, Lorraine Steen 52, Jenna Head 52, Barb Johnson 53, Holly Lehman 54, Pat Ruttenbur 54.

In the Tuesday Morning Ladies League at Bemus Point Golf Club, Joan Cahill fired a 50 to lead the low gross scores, followed by Doreen Murtaugh with 51 and Bonnie Green with a 52.

Cahill also claimed low net honors with 37. Debbie Illig was next with 38 and Mardell Hanson and Murtaugh had 39s.

Beryl Miller had the low putts total with 14.

Rick Rohlin and Scott Peterson fired a 33, which was the low gross score during the Monday Scratch League at Cable Hollow Golf Club.

The pair are currently first with 104 points, followed by Ron Lemon and Dan Lemon with 85 points.

Sonia Probst posted a 43 for the low gross to pace the Wednesday Evening Ladies Golf League at Cable Hollow Golf Course. Diana Peck followed with 45.

Patty Hurtack and Bev Grobowski tied for the low net with 26s, Sue Melquist shot 28 and Peck had 29.

Gross scores: Cindy Paulmier 46, Bev Groboski 47, Bonnie Thorpe 47, Grace Barkstrom 48, Rosie Bortz 48, Donna Holmes 48, Sue Melquist 48, Shirley Olson 49, Patty Hurtack 51, Mary Mackey 51, Blanch Swaney 51, Dody Houghot 52, Karen Buck 54, Lori Lassen 54, Peggy Nason 54, Mary Gayton 55, Melinda King 55, Keri Nellis 55, April Tharp 55.

In the Youngsville Area Senior Golf League, played at Maplehurst Country Club, Pete Hofert scored the low gross with 39 while Gary Krueger and Terry Jackson tied for low net with 34s.

Ron Owens had a pair of birdies and Dave Dibble, Hofert, Jim Rose, Ron Holmes and Don Hool each produced one birdie.

– – –

Lisa Payne and Jana Stone were first with a 30 net in the weekly Chautauqua Women’s Golf Association at the Chautauqua Golf Club.

Sue Gross was third with a 31.5 followed by Barb Jones and Debra Wood with a 32 net and Jeanne Wiebenga with a 32.5 net.

– – –

Tim Shield and Rodney Korbar were in first place with 88.5 points in the Fitch Disposal League at the Cable Hollow Golf Course.

Dave Bortz and Rick Nasman were second with 84.5 points followed by Mark Kulka and Bob Hunter with 84 points.

Robin Copley and Tyler Labesky had the lowest gross round with a 33 and Craig Johnson and Bob Hamm the lowest net round with a 31.

– – –

Bob Hunter and Mark Kulka led the Cable Hollow Two-Man Golf League with 205.5 recently.

Gary and Steve Darling came in second with 204 points and Justin Kell and Gary Page third with 200 points.

Derek Harrison drilled a 40 gross and Gary Bailey a 33 net.

– – –

Tom Short shot a 2-over-par 38 in the Wednesday Morning Senior League at Timber Creek Golf Course.

Bruce Brightman was second with a 41.

Darrell Gruber 42, Bob Sargent 45, Larry Howie 45, Carl Sandstrom 46, John Haller 46, Chuck Vesotski 46, Mike Sard 48, Wayne Lindquist 48, Bruce Myers 48.

– – –

Doug Smith connected for a 3-over-par 39 to pace the Wednesday Evening Men’s League at Timber Creek Golf Course.

Tom Short was the runnerup with a 40.

Mike Gilbert 42, Larry Webb 42, Francis Southwick 43, Nate Short 44, Jim Saxton 44, Craig Burch 45, Gary Sams 45, Scott Anderson 45, Steve Smith 46, Kelby Feldt 45, Tom Morrison 47, Brad Houghwot 47, Todd Nord 48, Stacy Kickbush 48.

– – –

Brad Kelly and Brenton Wilcox posted the top results during recent play of the Cassadaga Country Club Tuesday Night Men’s Golf League.

Kelly, who was closest to the pin on No. 15, and Wilcox each fired 33s, while Todd Fenton, Rod Lind and Steve Wintersteen followed with 34s.

Brad Kelly, Brenton Wilcox, 33, Todd Fenton, Rod Lind, Steve Wintersteen, 34, Tim Bulger, Don House, Darren Mangine, 35, John Crossley, Tom Gauronski, Sean Helmer, Dan Matteson, 37, Ron Juzdowski 38, Fred Chamberlin, Scott Smith, 39.

– – –

Dawn Strother and Pat Weeks each carded 42s while Lynn Radack was the runnerup with a 44 at the South Hills Tuesday Night Ladies League.

Strother birdied No. 17 while Nancy Philbrick, who fired a 48, birdied No. 13.

Dawn Strother, Pat Weeks, 42, Lynn Radack 44, Gretchen Nasman, Anne Smith, 45, Kristy Moore 47, Patty Lundin, Nancy Philbrick, 48, Karen Cotton, Sandy Ingrao, 49, Donna Holmes, Rita Newell, 50, Sally Buffone, Sharon Dowd, 51, Diane Carlos, Dot Fulton, 53, Jan Shepis 54, Marsha Anderson 55.

– – –

Cheryl Johnson recorded a low gross 44 and Doris Large a low net 33 to lead Class A of the Wednesday Morning Ladies League at Willow Run Golf Course.

Barb Davis had the low putts with 16.

In Class B, Roxie Maytum led with a low gross 48, Alicia Logan had a low net 34 and Fran McCarren had the fewest putts with 16.

– – –

Marlene Sandberg carded an 88 gross and Gerry Africa a 72 net for 18 holes in Flight 1 of the Ladies League at Conewango Valley Country Club.

Sandberg also was first for nine holes with a 42 gross and Betsy Senger had a 35 net. Hallie Dubia’s 19 led the special event.

Sally Steele and Joyce Puleo tied for Flight 2 in 18 hole honors with a 102 while Tammy Jensen drilled a 72 net.

Steele led for nine holes with a 50 gross and Janeal Hedman a 35 net.

Debbie Vicini had a 22 to win the special event.

Ruth Derby delivered a 117 gross and Leofsky a 75 net for 18 holes.

For nine holes, Derby had a 58 gross and Leofsky a 45 net.

– – –

Joan Warner recorded a 49 for the low gross and Carole Williams shot a 34 for the low net in the Wednesday Morning Ladies League at Breezewood Links.

Williams was second to Warner with a 36 and Warner came in second to Williams with a 36 net.

Dawn Bartholomew had the lowest putts with 15.

Gross Division: Sally Dilts 52, Chris Powers 52, Nancy Barkstrom 53, Christine Emborsky 57.

Net Division: Christine Emborsky 39, Chris Powers 39, Nancy Barkstrom 40, Sally Dilts 40.

– – –

Mitch Dudley was the medalist with a 37 in the Wednesday Senior League at Chautauqua Point Golf Course.

Scott Dearing was second with a 40 followed by Stu Williams, Rich Ressler and Ralph Rudy with 42s.

– – –

Dave Johnson shot a 46 and Rich Parkhurst a 48 in the Thursday Night Men’s League at WoodCrest Golf Course.

Josh Short placed third with a 49.

– – –

Lynn Radack delivered a 40 for the low gross and Tina Currie and Andrea Carlson tied for low net honors with 29s in the Mulligan Mamas Ladies League at Maplehurst Country Club.

Gross Division: Mary Green 41, Gretchen Nasman 41, Tina Currie 42, Andrea Carlson 43, Toni Indriolo 44, Emily O’Neill 44, Terri Rettberg 44, Kathy Stedman 44, Lisa Sales 45, Deb Triscari 45, Fran Carlson 46, Beth Johnson 46, Wendy Merchant 46, Rita Newell 48, Karen Coccagnia 49, Ruth Kriese 49.

Net Division: Terri Rettberg 30, Beth Johnson 30, Wendy Merchant 31, Deb Triscari 31, Fran Carlson 31, Dot Fulton 32, Lynn Radack 32, Toni Indriolo 32, Kathy Stedman 33, Lisa Sales 33, Karen Coccagnia 33, Mary Green 33, Gretchen Nasman 33, Rita Newell 34, Emily O’Neill 35, Robin Kestler 35, Lucia Spoto 35, Ruth Kriese 35..

– – –

Matt Burnett delivered a 2-over-par 39 on the back nine of the Lake Course while Mike Silk and Craig Tidquist had 40s in the Fred Austin Memorial League at the Chautauqua Golf Club.

Randy Carlson, Bill Johnson, Don Borden, Eric Anderson and John Owens led the Net Division on the back nine with 34s.

On the front nine, Harry Trippett shot a 42 for low gross and also had the low net with 30, followed by Tim Ruch with 33 and Jon Allen and Ed Bradford both shot 34s.

– – –

Joan Warner had a 37 to pace the Willowettes League at Willow Run Golf Course while June Kent carded a 43, Brownie Eggleston had 44, Gail Winters and Janet Kulig produced 45s.

Patti Swanson earned low gross honors with 44 while Donna Holmes had the low net with 31 during the Wednesday Evening Ladies League at Cable Hollow Golf Course.

Gross scores: Rosie Bortz 47, Bonnie Thorpe 47, Donna Holmes 51, Cindy Paulmier 51, Deb Sumner 53, Grace Backstrom 54, Sue Ferranto 55, Mary Mackey 55.

Net scores: Rosie Bortz 32, Candace Laurie 32.

– –

Don Dubia carded the lowest round of 70 for 18 holes in the Men’s Day results at Conewango Valley Country Club on Thursday.

Jim Vecellio and Jeff Munch drilled a 59 best-ball for 18 holes and five teams were next at 61s. They were Bob Walker and Bob Hanna, Art Faix and John Prim, Ryan Calkins and Dave Currie, Paul Ignatius and Dubia and Jack Yates and Myron Turfitt.

Brad Simmons and Martin Smith shot a 26 best-ball for nine holes followed by Bill Bunk and Nark Espin.

George Adams and Dick Cole came up with 36s with Tony Pellegrino Sr. and Dubia at 37s in the Nicklaus Flight. Dick Kimball won the special event with a 28.

Jack Yates and Smith fired a 37 in the Woods Flight and Ignatius a 38. Dennis Boron, Jim Pierce and Joe Gerstel had a 30 to capture the special event.

Gary Baldensperger’s 41 led the Snead Flight with John Loranger, Bob Sedon, Bill Turner and Charles Caldwell at 42s.

Vance Lauffenburger had a 32 in the special event.

Faix and Simmons delivered a 42 and Espin carded a 44 in the Hogan Flight. Larry Loughlin, Bob Metzgar, Rick Bakewell and Vecellio tied for special event honors.

Walker hit a 49 and Richard Fisher a 50 in the Palmer Flight. Greg LaRocca posted a 40 in the special event.

– – –

Pat Kinney delivered a 43 gross and Anne Madden and Judy Schrive a 30 net in the Donna Williams Memorial League at Willow Run Golf Course.

Janet Kulig and Elba Lawson were second to Kinney with 44s followed by Brownie Eggleston with a 45.

Lois McCreary recorded a 31 net and Kinney had the least putts with 13 putts.

– – –

Rosemarie Allen had the lowest round with a 49 in the Thursday morning Sunshine Girls Ladies League at Maplehurst Country Club.

Helen Adams and Chris Powers drilled 50s and Leigh Yartz hit a 51. Adams had the fewest putts with 15.

– —

Scott Briggs and Nate Briggs shot a 4-under-par 32 to capture the Men’s Two-Man Scratch League at the Bemus Point Golf Club.

Tom Crist and Jamie Henderson were second with a three-under-par 33.

Crist and Lutgen was the co-medalists with 35s while Jordan Farnham and Bill Loomis had 36s.

Terry Hall was closest to the pin No. 2 and Marcus Lutgen on No. 6.

Bill Hall 37, Scott Keleman 37, Scott Smith 37, Matt Graham 37, Judd Bohall 39, Bob Winchester 39.

– – –

Kenny Woodfield and Tom Crist delivered a 5-under-par 31 to win the Men’s Two-Man Scratch League at Bemus Point Golf Club.

Curt Miceli and Tim Hall were a two-under-par 34 for second place.

Tom Crist fired a 4-under-par 32 for medalist honors followed by Curt Miceli and Bob Winchester with 37s.

Lonny Clark 38, Jordan Farnham 39, Scott Keleman 39, Marcus Lutgen 39, Justin Hanft 39, Brandon Waite 40, Terry Hall 41, Tom Secky 41

– – –

Curt Miceli carded a 34 gross and Barry Anderson a 30 net in the Monday Night Steeners Pub League at Bemus Point Golf Club.

Anderson was second to Miceli with a 37 gross and Miceli and Randy Bland were second to Anderson with a 32 net.

Chad Murray was closest to the pin on No. 2 and Miceli on No. 6.

Gross Division: Randy Bland 38, Bill Lehman 39, Marty Crandall 39, Todd Erickson 39, Brian Kennelley 40, Jim Scofield 41, Jamie Carlson 41, Jack Skinner 43, Jerry Adams 43, Jamie Henderson 43, Jim Cheney 43.

Net Division: Bill Lehman 33, Jamie Carlson 33, Brian Kennelley 34, Jim Scofield 34, Nick Bader 35, Marty Crandall 35, Todd Erickson 35, Jerry Adams 36.

– – –

Lyndon Smith recorded a 35 gross and Jasum Nusum, Tim Smith and Daryn Coon 33 net in the Men’s Merchants League at Pinehurst Golf Club.

Tom Robson was closest to the pin on No. 4 and Scott Jagoda on No. 7.

Gross Division: Scott Jagoda 38, Dick Frost 38, Bob North 41, Mike Reed 41, Scott Leamer 42, Sid Hoyt 42, Ricky Pratt 42.

Net Division: Jim Harper 34, John Garske 34.