Partying Teens Lock Selves In Vault

FALCONER – Four teens found themselves locked in a vault during an early-morning incident on Friday.

At 1 a.m., the Ellicott Police Department responded to 19 N. Work St. for a report of subjects being locked inside of a vault. The Falconer Volunteer Fire Department was called to assist in getting the vault open, but was unable to do so. A locksmith and members of the Jamestown Fire Department were then called, and after several hours the vault was opened and the four juveniles were found inside.

The suspects, ages 18 and 19, were allegedly partying inside the vault. Police found a large quantity of alcohol and some marijuana on the premises.

The building which contained the vault used to be the old Town of Ellicott municipal building before it was purchased by the Van Every Law Firm. It has since passed hands once again to a new owner.

Sgt. Matt Kubinski of the town of Ellicott Police Department said that the youths had permission to be inside the building from the owner.

Altogether, from the time of the first call to when an ambulance was en route to WCA Hospital, the youths spent more than four hours locked inside of the vault.

“The safe was big enough that they could walk around,” Kubinski said. “There was no issue with them being overly cramped. It’s a large safe which was built into the side of the building.”

The youths were taken to WCA Hospital for evaluation and charges are pending further investigation.