Hats Off To Hotchkiss Street!

To The Reader’s Forum:

Each morning on my way to work from Maple Springs to Lutheran on Falconer Street I drive along Hotchkiss Street. I have seen a wonderful transformation of the neighborhood with new flower gardens popping up, porches coming alive with fresh plants and signs that proudly state that they are part of the Grow Jamestown initiative through the Jamestown Renaissance Center.

Recently The Post-Journal question of the day asked about community pride. Although a few negative people responded, all you have to do is drive around and see that many, many people take pride in their homes and their neighborhoods.

Gardens not only add to the beauty of the spaces, but they provide a very necessary bio-diverse environment for beneficial insects and other wildlife. Hats off to Hotchkiss Street and all the other neighborhoods that have embraced the concept of creating healthy places, through gardening.

Patricia Eckwahl

Maple Springs