Main Break, Fire Service Testing Leads To Discolored Water In Ellicott

Many homes in the area experienced discolored water Thursday due to two separate incidents.

A water main broke on Hunt Road between Westminster Drive and Howard Avenue which disrupted water running to West Ellicott and the west side of the city of Jamestown.

According to Becky Robbins, BPU communications coordinator, the main break was in part due to the recent change in weather.

“Whenever we have rapid temperature changes, the earth has a tendency to shift and bang up against the pipes,” Robbins said. “You see this happen during winter a lot because of the freezes and thaws that the ground goes through.”

Additionally, Celoron experienced unexpected discoloration due to a commercial building conducting a test of its fire service system. The discoloration from this also extended into West Ellicott.

“Usually we try to schedule fire system tests, but we didn’t know that the building was going to do this today,” Robbins said. “It created an inconvenience for some people because of the discoloration.”

Water was expected to be clear by Thursday night.

For any questions regarding water discoloration, water main breaks or any other issues, contact the BPU by calling 661-1640.