Bemus Point Approves Chautauqua Lake Sports Agreement, Elementary Principal Replacement

ELLERY – The agreement between Bemus Point and Chautauqua Lake central schools to combine varsity football teams for 2013-14 was officially signed off on during Bemus Point’s Board of Education meeting Monday.

During the meeting, a motion was approved authorizing Jacqueline Latshaw, outgoing Bemus Point superintendent, to sign the interscholastic athletics sharing agreement between the two districts.

“The superintendents all got together and made sure there’s a common agreement between us when we’re sharing sports teams, so the language would all be the same,” she said.

Latshaw said the Bemus Point board had to amend the agreement to specifically state that it regarded football, and the agreement was then signed and sent.

According to Latshaw, the district also named a replacement for incoming superintendent Michael Mansfield, who had left a vacancy in the elementary principal position. She said, during an Aug. 2 meeting, Carrie Yohe was appointed to the full-time, 12-month position.

Other business in the meeting saw the approval of several financial reports for the month of June, including treasurer’s balances, the treasurer’s financial statement, claims auditor report, activity fund report and activity fund annual report for July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013.

The treasurer’s balances as of June 30 included: a general fund balance of $386,953.39; cafeteria fund of $36,823.56; trust and agency fund of $96,509.99; capital fund of $2,033.80; payroll fund of $0; special aid fund of $375.21; and investments of $2,091,471.66.

Miscellaneous reports included an annual review of attendance, a public school cohort graduation rate summary for 2011-12 and capital project updates; all provided by Latshaw. Latshaw said the district was looking into the creation of another kindergarten classroom to keep class sizes small, while transferring Allison Lampo from the tenure area of half-time equivalent special education teacher and half-time equivalent reading teacher to the tenure area of elementary education as a full-time equivalent position.

“We’re just reconfiguring some things,” Latshaw said. “(Lampo) was doing special education and reading, but we had a drop in special education and we figured we didn’t need the reading (position) if we had a lower class size.”

A high school principal, elementary principal and business official report were also given. The high school report looked at the district’s Response to Intervention Plan and the January/June 2013 Regents and local exams. The elementary report centered on state assessment results, kindergarten enrollment and conference reports. The business official report discussed taxes.

New business included the confirmation of the tax roll and authorization of the tax levy in the amount of $7,857,878 for the 2013-14 school year, along with a motion issuing a tax warrant commanding the collector to collect taxes in the same amount.

Aside from Lampo, other appointments included Elizabeth Abbey, an English teacher, from .625 full-time equivalent to 1.0 full-time equivalent, effective Sept. 1 – pending course completion for middle level extension. Science teacher Linda Morton was approved for an unpaid child-rearing leave of absence, effective Sept. 1.

Other appointments, pending completion of all required trainings and paperwork, included: Carrie Congdon as a certified 6-12 home economics instructional substitute; Wendy Rodgers as a non-instructional substitute; Jennifer Mozzi as assistant boys’ and girls’ track coach; and Ardell Rambacher as head coach of girls’ volleyball. Non-paid volunteer coaches appointed are: Janice Hallberg, football; Jared Hallberg, football; Patrick Green, cross country; Jennifer Mozzi, cross country; and John Kuroski, cross country.

Resignations accepted by the board included: Kathy Burnett as junior varsity volleyball coach, effective Aug. 6; Amanda Reese as varsity volleyball coach and junior high track coach, effective Aug. 6; and Amanda Reese as student council co-adviser, effective Aug. 6.