Family Service EAP?Holds Lunch And Learn

Recently, Family Service Employee Assistance Program (EAP) invited representatives from some EAP member companies to show its appreciation for their continued partnership and to thank them for their confidence in its ability to provide them with a comprehensive, employee assistance program.

Participants were welcomed and given a tour of the counseling facility, served a light lunch and introduced to the newest training programs, Substance Abuse in the Workplace, Smoking Cessation, and enhancements to the Budget Counseling benefit – homebuyer education, bankruptcy education and certification, financial, literacy education and credit analysis and planning.

They were also able to preview “The Power of Positive Discipline for Supervisors” and provide Family Service with the feedback it needs to ensure that trainings such as these are valuable and that employers would be willing to let their employees take the time out of their busy work day to attend.

Family Service of the Chautauqua Region continues to enhance its Employee Assistance Program. As a local EAP, the program is responsive to the changing needs of community partners and aims to provide them with professional and confidential counseling, budget counseling, legal consultation, eldercare services, and educational trainings for employees and members of their immediate family at no cost to the employee.

Statistics show a significant drop in absenteeism for workers after receiving help, a decline in use of sick benefits, work-related accidents, workers’ compensation claims, and a decline in time spent on supervisor reprimands.

Details for future trainings are in the planning stages. For more information, contact Kathy Benson, community relations coordinator at 488-1971.