North Harmony To Hold Veterans Memorial Benefit

STOW – The town of North Harmony would like to erect a memorial commemorating more than 600 former and current military members from the town.

At the most recent town board meeting, an announcement was made that the Hadley House has agreed to host a benefit for North Harmony, with the proceeds going directly toward the proposed monument in Veterans Memorial Park in Ashville.

“There are two cannons in the park, and there’s a very, very old, plaque-styled memorial that was erected many years ago,” said Nancy Thomas, North Harmony town clerk. “It was erected when there was an active American Legion post, and that hasn’t been the case in many years. The town board and members have been discussing for some time, all the while trying to raise some money, to build a veterans memorial.”

According to Thomas, Rex Tolman, of Tolman Engineering, has been donating his time to help design a concept of the proposed memorial. Additionally, it was Art Thomas’ wish that any proceeds generated from sales of his book, “A Ferry Tale” contribute toward the erection of a North Harmony veterans memorial. However, additional funding will need to be generated in order for the memorial to become a reality, and a successful benefit at the Hadley House would be a large step toward reaching that goal.

“The town undertook the cost of publishing ‘A Ferry Tale,’ said Thomas. “Anything that is made back past the cost of printing the book, Art wanted to go toward that memorial.”

“A Ferry Tale” is a history of the Stow Ferry, and is available at the North Harmony town hall.

“We have a small fund started,” continued Thomas. “Our idea is to be inclusive with this memorial, rather than exclusive. We have basically asked residents to give us the names of anyone they know who was or is currently a resident and a veteran. We’d like to place all those names on the memorial.”

According to Thomas, Frank Stow, North Harmony councilman, approached the Hadley House about helping with a fundraiser, and the Hadley House has agreed to host a pig roast benefit Sunday, Sept. 1, beginning at 1 p.m.

“It is going to be an enormous pig roast,” said Thomas. “We’re really not planning on holding anything back. The cost is going to be $15.99 for adult, and $7.99 for children under 10. There will be 50/50 drawings, Chinese auctions and there are several bands already scheduled to play, including the Dirty Mountain Band, Harbor Nights and House of Cards.”

Thomas said that the town is still looking for donations for the Chinese auction. Anyone interested in donating an item for the auction, whether they are a resident of North Harmony or not, may contact the town at 789-3445.

“We are really looking forward to everyone coming out to have a good time, and help support the building of that memorial,” said Thomas.

Any additional questions about the event may also be answered by calling the town.