Trap Leagues

Westfield topped Ellery, 305-283, in last week’s action from the Western Chautauqua County Trap League.

The top shooters for Westfield were Vern Brown with 49, Danny Fiscara had 45, Rose Corbran, Tim Wise and Vince Norton all fired 43s and Colin Brown and Tom Corbran each had 41s.

The high lady was Rose Corbran (43), Brown was the high junior (41), Emily Norton was the high sub junior (32), Don Munson was the high senior vet (41) and Tom Corbran was the high super senior vet (41).

For Ellery, Ron Harmon led the pack with 48, Tom Bihler had 46, Alan Harding shot 43, Rob Graham fired a 40, Bob Welsh had 39, Bradley Bihler shot 38 and Don Johnson had 29.

Harding was the high junior (43) and Bradley Bihler was the high sub junior (38).

Big Tree also defeated Ripley, 311-306, with Cliff Hammer leading the winners with 49. Scott Hammer and Mark Holthouse had 45s, Ted Okerlund shot 44, Jim Hutchinson and Viki Rapela each fired 43s and Owen Jones had 40.

Rapela was the high lady (43), Morgan Hammer was the high junior (39), Cole Hammer was the high sub junior 40, Okerlund was the high vet (44), Cliff Hammer was high senior vet with 49 and Warren Berry shot a 39 for super senior vet honors.

For Ripley, Howard Maille led the way with 47, Sid Meeder followed with 44 and Bob Murray, Jack Mosier, Dexter Gordon, Ernie Newhouse and Mark Henry all shot 43s.

Sandie Newhouse was the high lady with 38, Desi Adams was high junior (25), Murray was the high vet (43), and Bob Nichols was the high senior vet (42).