TRC Golf Classic Results Announced

The group of Randy Ordines, Jason Stronz, Mike Goldman and Bill Salter combined to shoot 115 and win the Resource Center Golf Classic at Moon Brook Country Club on Monday.

Jim Giunta, Mike Giunta, Jerry Swanson and Ed Shults took second place with 123 and in third were Greg Krauza, Jim Cuddy, Dave Scholes and Rick Swanson with 125.

115 – Randy Ordines-Jason Stronz-Mike Goldman-Bill Salter

123 – Jim Giunta-Mike Giunta-Jerry Swanson-Ed Shults

125 – Greg Krauza-Jim Cuddy-Dave Scholes-Rick Swanson

126 – Tom Holt-Dean Weaver-Paul Cesana-Dan Hocking

127 – Mike Cappa-Pat Smeraldo-John Foti-Dave Foti

127 – Rich Conti-Tony Vitello-Pete Scheira-John Lisciandro

128 – Brian Lydic, Jeff Fancher-Norm Begier-Charlie Brooks

128 – Ron Sellers-Tom Webb-David Foley-Mark Coyle

130 – Wayne Ormsby, Steve Csati, Rick Roos, Rick Fenton