The Scroggins Band Performs In Kennedy

Great summer weather in the park made for the perfect setting for the recent “Scroggins” concert in Kennedy. The audience in Hallquist Park was very appreciative of their hometown duo of Ken Mesel on guitar, banjo and vocals, and Bob Swanson on bass and harmonies. The band played a two-hour set full of a variety of songs, from country to Creedence Clearwater Revival. Both old standards and new songs were performed. Ken and Bob get a patter going between them that draws the audience into their show. Not only are they playing their music, but they’re also having fun while they’re doing it. The band has been getting more popular as word of their shows gets around. During their concerts, the duo sells buttons that local grade school children made as a community project, to support local veterans and their needs. They were traveling to another venue to do a benefit performance when they left Hallquist Park. Mesel thanked Kennedy Pride for hosting the concert in the park. He also expressed thanks for all that the group does for the community.

Photo by Rose Mary Carver