Bemus Point Library Plans Cupcake Party For Children

BEMUS POINT – The Bemus Point Library is emphasizing the importance of summer reading.

To this end, all Bemus Point Elementary School students with a Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Library System card may attend a cupcake party at the library on Wednesday at 11:30 a.m.

“In June, we had grades pre-K through grade five come over, one class at a time, to get a brief orientation of the library,” said Kathleen McCarthy, Bemus Point Library director. “We showed them where the books are, how to check out books, how to make your selections, how long books and movies can be checked out for and a little bit about fines if you’re not responsible and don’t bring your materials back in time. All the children were provided with application forms to get their own library cards, in hopes that they would take them home, fill them out and come back to get a card for themselves.”

According to McCarthy, 25 percent of the children from Bemus Point Elementary School already had CCLS library cards, and approximately 20 children that did not have current library cards returned with completed applications and acquired new library cards.

McCarthy said that summer reading is essential for the continued advancement of students’ reading comprehension while school is out of session.

“I believe that students need at least 30 minutes of reading every day,” McCarthy said. “If students are very young, they can be read to, and if students are already at a high comprehension level and would like to do more than 30 minutes, that’s great as well. But if students read for 30 minutes a day, they will keep up their reading comprehension over the summer, and maybe even improve for when schools open in September.”

As a way to encourage summer reading, and as a way to reward students who are incorporating reading into their summer activities, the Bemus Point Library is throwing a cupcake party for all Bemus Point Elementary School students grades Pre-K through five who currently have a CCLS library card.

And although school season is less than a month away, it is neither too late to begin to incorporate reading into summer activities, nor to sign up for a library card.

“Students who would like to attend the cupcake party may sign up for a library card at any point during hours of operation this week, or they may arrive at the library on (Wednesday) between 10:45-11:15 a.m. and sign up then,” McCarthy said.

The Bemus Point Library’s hours are as follows: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Wednesday 1-5 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Additionally, Bemus Point Elementary School students may acquire library cards from any partner library in the CCLS to be eligible for the cupcake party.

All questions regarding the party or the library may be directed to the Bemus Point Library at 386-2274.