Tracy Plaza Construction Progressing

After approving more than $1 million in renovations to Tracy Plaza, construction is moving along quickly on the parapet wall project.

“The plaza will have a new open look and open feel to it,” said Mayor Sam Teresi. “This is something that people have long been talking about and asking for. It will create better visibility and eliminate the ‘walling’ effect that the plaza has had since it was opened.”

In 2010, following an earthquake, Jeff Lehman, director of public works, cited an ongoing concern with the parapet wall and the plaza. At that time, it was noted there had been a deterioration of the caulking which fills around the tiles on the upper floor of the plaza. Because of the movement in the tiles associated with the quake, the DPW began to monitor seepage from rainwater.

The real benefit, according to Teresi, will be the structural improvements and the curtailment of the leaking that has been going on in the parking areas, storage areas and offices in the police and fire department.

“This was long overdue and I’m glad that we were able to put together the financing to make this all happen,” Teresi said. “The project is going well.”

According to Lehman, there will be a concrete cap where the parapet wall is currently, and a new stainless steel railing will also be installed around the perimeter of the plaza.

“This project is right on schedule,” Lehman said. “We should be finished by the end of October.”