Another Option?

ELLICOTT – Exit 12 may soon be the main destination point for out-of-towners coming to visit the Jamestown area.

On Monday, the Ellicott Town Council discussed the possibility of a new hotel to be built at the exit on Interstate 86 along North Main Street Extension. Already there are two hotels at the exit, a Comfort Inn and a Hampton Inn.

Cecil Miller III, Ellicott supervisor, said David Rowe, Ellicott building inspector and code enforcement officer, and himself met with the potential developer of the hotel a few months back.

“They want to locate in Ellicott,” Miller said. “They are working with the (Industrial Development Agency) on a (Payment In Lieu Of Taxes).”

Miller said the PILOT agreement would include an abatement of sales tax on construction materials, an abatement on the mortgage recording tax and a 10-year PILOT schedule. The supervisor said IDA officials would like a letter of support for the project from the Town Council.

The council then voted to approve sending a letter of support to the IDA for the proposed hotel project for exit 12. Miller was asked the name of the possible hotel, and he said he didn’t know the name of the chain.

In other town business, Miller said the town’s dog control officer, Larry Belin, is not happy with changes made by the council in the 2013 budget with his pay and compensation. According to Miller, Belin said the position is not worth his time and not worth the money he is being paid now. During the meeting it was said Belin makes $1,000 less now, and is receiving less money for travel expenses. According to minutes from the town’s organizational meeting in January, Belin receives an annual salary of $3,400, plus $85 a month for mileage.

Miller said Belin told him if there are not changes with how much he gets paid he will resign from the position.

George Beckerink, Ellicott Councilman for Ward 4, said he believes Belin makes good money for what he does. Lisa Vanstrom, Ellicott Councilwoman for Ward 1, said the Ellicott Police Department seems to handle most of the dog calls in the town.

The board then did not vote to make any changes to Belin’s compensation for being dog control officer. Miller said he would let Belin know the council’s decision.