Trap Leagues

The final week of the Warren County Trap League saw Brokenstraw nipping Kalbfus, 346-345, and Sugar Grove I topping Sheffield, 338-323.

A shootoff is needed to decide the second half champion.

Both Brokenstraw and Sugar Grove I ended with 11 points and will shootoff at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday at Sheffield. The winner there will shootoff against first half winner Kalbfus at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday at either Sugar Grove I or Corry.

Only shooters who have shot seven or more matches are eligible to participate in these shootoffs.

John McCanna, Curt Hollabaugh and Rusty Luther of Brokenstraw along with John P. Foster, and John Pearson of Kalbfus, Jake Lindell of Sugar Grove I, Joe Miller, Ed Pennington and Ken Anderson of Tidioute and Dave Kingsley of Pine Grove recorded perfect rounds of 50s.

For Miller, it was the first time he had a 50.

McCanna’s 50 was the high senior vet score, Miller’s 50 was the high super senior vet score and Anderson’s 50 was the top veteran score.

Taylor Hansen of Tidioute and Cindy Cable shot 49s for the highest lady total, Noah Carlson of Brokenstraw and Eric Cecco of Pine Grove drilled 44s for high junior scores and Elijah Trawick of Sugar Grove I and Logan Gallaway of Pine Grove fired 46s for highest sub-junior scores.

The other results had Tidioute toppling Sugar Grove II, 344-334, and Pine Grove over Corry, 342-326.

BROKENSTRAW (346): John McCanna 50, Curt Hollabaugh 50, Rusty Luther 50, Ron Gustafson 49, Dale Johnson 49, Terry Walker 49, John Joy 49.

KALBFUS (345): John P. Foster 50, John Pearson 50, Duane Schmader 49, Chuck Loomis 49, Bob Gregersen 49, Jim Nowacki 49, Chuck Travis 49.

SUGAR GROVE I (338): Jake Lindell 50, Fred Franklin 49, Scott Currie 49, Scott Gustafson 49, Kirk Decker 48, Colin Brunecz 47, Elijah Trawick 46.

SHEFFIELD (323): Gary McLaughlin 49, Bob Dixon 47, Ralph Challingsworth 46, Don Champion 46, Breck Fry 46, Lee Heeter 45, Jeff Boutelle 44.

TIDIOUTE (344): Joe Miller 50, Ed Pennington 50, Ken Anderson 50, Taylor Hansen 49, Derek Dickson 49, Jim Egley 48, Al Hansen 48.

SUGAR GROVE II (334): Ryan Chapman 49, Steve Ecker 49, Tom Dallas 48, Reed Johnson 48, Kevin Nicklas 48, Craig Darling 47, Ben Rouse 46.

PINE GROVE (342): Dave Kingsley 48, Cindy Cable 49, Jerry Willett 49, Kevin Sturzenbecker 49, Ray Lee 49, Brian Ecelberger 48, Russ Wingard 48.

CORRY (326): Greg Linden 48, Tage Grant 48, Don Rose 47, George Kirin 47, Ashley Walton 46, Chuck Geer 45, Chiyo Grant 45.

– – –

Good conditions led to high scores Thursday evening in the Chautauqua County Trap League as Celoron beat Busti, 347-341, and tie Busti for the second-half lead.

The other match saw Randolph downing Carroll, 341-339.

Perfect scores were shot by Celoron’s Dalton Becker, Kevin Nicklas, Dave Kingsley and Shane Lindstrom; Busti’s Ray Nordin, Randolph’s Dick Anderson and Andrew Hvizdzak; and Carroll’s John Foster.

High lady was Rose Corbran with 49. High junior was Hvizdzak with his 50 and high sub junior was Becker with his first 50 in league. High vets were Kingsley and Anderson with their 50s, high senior vets were Tage Grant and Red Clark with 48s, and high super senior vet was Ron Feidler with 48.

CELORON (347): Dalton Becker, Kevin Nicklas, Dave KIngsley and Shane Lindstrom, 50, Kevin Sturzenbecker, Rose Corbran and Russ Wingard, 49.

BUSTI (341): Ray Nordin, 50, Charlie Brown, Jim Bessey and Kirk Decker, 49, Chiyo Grant, Bob Price and Tiffany Decker, 48.

RANDOLPH (341): Dick Anderson and Andrew Hvizdzak, 50, Skip Frazier, 49, Kim Milford, Red Clark, Chuck Westfall and Jacob Grimm, 48.

CARROLL (339): John Foster, 50, Ed McCullough and Marty Nelson, 49, Michael McDunn, Chuck Travis and Ron Feidler, 48, Ray Lee, 47.