Editor’s Note

For a few years, August was an exciting month because it meant the summer was over and it was time to return to college. Those days are over for me and my friends, so we have to make our own excitement now.

We live in different cities and work opposite schedules, so we can only meet up a couple of times each year. In late winter, those of us who are able gather at St. Bonaventure for Alumni Weekend. Then, we go our separate ways for month after month until we reach the next weekend circled on our calendars, which happens to be taking place as you’re reading this.

We’ve gathered at my friend’s family cabin on Keuka Lake to catch up and reminisce for at least a few hours.

What’s nice about getting together with old friends is we’re able to pick up where we left off. It feels like we never grew up and went our separate ways. It was never awkward when we lived together in college, and it’s not awkward now. The same stories are interesting or funny. The same activities are fun.

We could talk about our jobs for hours I’m sure, but we won’t; we never really discussed classes that much when we lived together.

The main difference between then and now is we used to be dirt poor college kids; now we work full-time and can at least afford to buy gas or go out to have a good time without a thorough examination of our checking accounts. And, we will have a fun time.

Then we’ll take off in different directions until we meet again.