Randolph Board Approves Meal Price Increase

RANDOLPH-Breakfast and lunch prices at Randolph Central School will be steadily increasing in the coming years.

On Tuesday, Randolph’s board of education approved a rate increase in both elementary and high school meal prices. According to Kimberly Moritz, district superintendent, the price change is due to a state mandate.

“The increase is mandated (by the state),” Moritz said. “They found we were charging too little for our lunch and breakfast program, so we will have to raise them by at least a nickel a year until we reach the level they gave us.”

Elementary breakfast and lunch price increases for the 2013-14 school year are from $.75 to $.80 and $1.20 to $1.30, respectively. The high school’s breakfast and lunch price increases are from $.75 to $.80 and $1.30 to $1.40, respectively. The change will go into effect Sept. 6, when school starts.

The board then approved two resolutions. The first resolution authorized the district’s business manager to move $189,351 from the retirement system reserve to the general fund, as recommended. The second awarded a handicapped transportation bid for the 2013-14 school year to Lighthouse Transportation Services at $380 a day.

Personnel items included the appointment of Roxanne Finch, a New York state licensed practical nurse, to the position of health assistant/LPN for a probationary period of one year – commencing on Sept.1. Lynn Sheldon, who has successfully completed a 52-week probationary period, was appointed to the permanent position of school monitor – effective on Sept. 4.

Old business constituted the review of amendments to several policies, which were made at the board’s July 10 meeting. The amended policies include: information security breach and notifications; Family and Medical Leave Act; Dignity for All Students Act; Civility, Citizenship and Character Education/Interpersonal Violence Prevention Education; code of conduct on school property; and budget planning and development.

The amended policies are available on the district’s website at randolphcsd.org.

New business included: the first reading of a recommended new policy entitled, “student data breaches”; the approval of the board to amend current policies, including school district budget hearing, suspension of students, student physicals and parent involvement for children with disabilities; approval of Moritz’ attendance at the Communities for Learning Conference in New York City from Sept. 18-19, at an estimated cost of $600; and the board’s approval of the substitute/volunteer lists for the 2013-14 school year, as recommended.