JBC To Offer On-Territory Seneca Degree Program

For the first time, Jamestown Business College will be offering an off-campus degree program.

Through an ongoing partnership with the Seneca Nation, the college will begin administering a new Seneca degree program at the Seneca Nation Community Center in Salamanca on Sept. 11.

The program will provide the opportunity for participants to earn an associate degree in business administration, marketing and management from JBC without needing to set foot on JBC’s campus. Designed to be completed in a two-year period, the program offers the ability for participants to take one class at a time, and will provide built-in homework and study time.

Courses will be taught Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. Though it will be on-territory in Salamanca, the courses will be taught by full-time JBC faculty, and the coursework will mirror the degree program offered in Jamestown.

According to David Conklin, JBC president, the college’s partnership with the Seneca Nation has been beneficial to both parties, and as the most recent offering, the program makes for an ideal opportunity.

“We have a lot of things in common, not only personally, but professionally,” said Conklin. “Some of the things that they talked about wanting to see in their community, were a lot of the things that we do. And there’s a similar philosophy in our JBC approach to the approach of the Seneca Nation.

“We are expecting this to be a very successful program because it creates kind of a win-win-win situation,” he added. “It’s a win for the participants to get an education and go into many of these available positions. It’s a win for the Seneca Nation because their community is growing educationally, and moving into positions that are available-so their workforce is going to be more solid. And it’s a win for the college because it assists with our enrollments, and allows us to expand our delivery to other areas.”

Because this is the first time JBC has had to offer programming at another location, Conklin said the college has had to take extra care in offering the same quality of services that would be expected on its own campus. Conklin pointed out some of the supplemental parts of JBC’s education, such as the EDGE program, professional development training, a one-on-one approach to education and supportive staff.

“Having an additional location that’s 35 miles away, we’ve spent a lot of time planning to make sure that we have equivalent services and equivalent development; and that’s been a real challenge,” he said. “Because of our size, we’ve chosen to stay smaller so that we can provide these additional services. So consequently, we’re finding that a lot of the staff are going to be traveling.”

He added: “We feel that we have a very good program that’s going to ensure that there will be no difference between a graduate from the main campus, or a graduate from this additional location on Seneca territory.”

For more information on the new Seneca degree program, call Brenda Salemme, admissions director, at 488-3023.