Hurried Legislation Not Good For Public

To The Reader’s Forum:

I just placed a sign in my yard that says Repeal N.Y. S.A.F.E. act. I do not believe this will happen.

Legislation that is passed hurriedly late at night is not for the public good.

This bill was introduced and passed within days of the most horrendous school shooting in my lifetime. Our legislators nor governor can explain how this has made any New Yorker safer, as the title of the bill implies.

The bill has been amended twice both perfect opportunities to repeal it. The first was to show how little thought went into the bill when we discovered every law enforcement officer in N.Y. was in violation of the act.

The most recent was to show the power of the unions and allow retired law enforcement officers to have full magazines. I wonder why military, gun safety instructors are less safe than these retired officers. Most of all I wonder why any legislator in N.Y. considered this law a benefit to any New Yorker. I am a gun owner and I did remove bullets from my magazines in order to be in compliance. I do, however, carry more magazines.

I find the governor and all legislators involved in this silliness as the bill could not have reached the floor without approval of the majority leader, and he had to know the votes to pass were there.

Jim Walker