Pro-Am Winners

There were the winning teams at the 27th annual Chautauqua Golf Club Pro-Am Golf Tournament that was co-chaired by Linda M. Barber and Fred Gregory. Above is the winning Men’s Division team of, from left, pro Michael Frisina and amateurs David Bird, Stu Northrop and Ron Kilpatrick. Below, Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy president Linda Barber congratulates the Women’s Division winning team of Colleen Reeve, Dale Mathews, pro Kathy Cassese and Julie Lescynski. The Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy was the beneficiary of this year’s tournament, with $28,000 raised for the Conservancy’s Whitney Bay and Point shoreline wetland conservation projects, stream and lakeshore landowner erosion control and vegetative buffer conservation outreach, and other conservation activities. For more information or to contribute to these efforts, contact the CWC at 664-2166 or visit the CWC’s website at

Submitted photos