Fruitless Effort: Chautauqua Lake Central School Board Examines Menu

MAYVILLE – Leading a horse to water or a kid to fruits and veggies doesn’t mean the horse will drink or the youngster will eat if anecdotal evidence provided by the dumpsters at Chautauqua Lake Central School means anything.

Bob Reynolds of the district’s maintenance staff replied, “Absolutely,” when asked if more of the supposed good stuff is being dumped rather than consumed. A fourth-grade teacher, not identified, agreed that the effort to provide healthy choices is to some extent, well, fruitless.

Reynolds also asserted the students “are not cooperating at all” with CLCS’s composting effort. Bins for edible waste are provided, but generally ignored, he said, adding “They just throw everything in the garbage.

“It’s ridiculous, especially fruit like apples and bananas, how much winds up in garbage bags,” Reynolds said. Some of the throwaways have a single bite in them, he added.

Reynolds comments followed approval of higher prices for meals served at CLCS with only member Michael Ludwig voting against. Interviewed after the session Ludwig said prices for many necessities are up and the board’s action “put an additional squeeze on families.”

Superintendent Benjamin Spitzer, according to the resolution, said the increases were recommended by the federal “The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kid Act of 2010” which set new nutrition standards effective last September.

Menu prices for the coming school year are $1.50 and $2.75 respectively for student and adult breakfast; lunch will be $2, $2.25 and $4.25 respectively for pre-K through sixth grade, grades 7 through 12 and adults. These prices are less than the $2.46 average lunch price recommended by the 2010 legislation, according to Spitzer.

In other business, consolidation of Chautauqua County’s many small school districts took another step when the board OK’d resolutions to share certain sports activities with neighboring schools.

As a result Chautauqua Lake and Bemus Point will share varsity and junior varsity football, which had been previously announced. Additionally, CLCS and Panama will share boys’ swimming and wrestling, and golf and girls’ swimming with Westfield. The wrestling team at CLCS will now represent Panama and, due to an earlier agreement, Ripley.

Chautauqua Lake Child Care Center was granted a two-year lease by the board to continue operating at the school. “I think they provide a lot of unique features for our school district,” Sitzer commented when he recommended the board approve the new lease.

Emily Perkins again will be CLCS senior class advisor following board approval of a list of what are termed “co-curricular advisors” Also approved were:Kris Stroth and Ashley Muscarella, junior class advisors; Mike Rohlin and Gwen Mueller, freshman advisors; Jennifer Davis, 9-12 music director; Dena Carlson, yearbook advisor; Timothy Cowan and Tara Reyda advisors for the senior honor society; Katie Ryan, Thunderbirds Director; Craig Riedesel, technology coordinator; Eric Schuster, Development Sports Director-Fall and Sue Teets, the same position for early and late winter sports.

The board also approved the recall of Alex Reyda to fill the eighth-grade secondary science position.