The Right And Wrong Way To Shop For Corn

To The Reader’s Forum:

I love this time of year when fresh corn is available. The sweet butter and sugar corn is so tasty that on some days I can make my whole meal out of it.

The one thing that aggravates me to no end though, are the folks that feel they have to pull back the husks to look at it before buying. All you really need to do is look for corn with tassels that are brown and sticky to the touch. If the tassels are black or dry, the corn is old. Feel each ear through the husk, without peeling it, to check for even plump kernels. “But what about bugs?” you may ask. Since this is one of the first batchs, there is no need to worry, bugs are a bigger concern later in the season.

PLEASE people, please do NOT open the corn and then toss it back in the bin. Thank you so much for thinking of the ones coming behind you! Have a great day and enjoy your fresh corn.

Nancy Meyer