Editor’s Note

Shopping isn’t fun for me. I like to get in and out of the mall or the grocery store as quickly as possible.

Lately, I’ve been slightly annoyed by a trend I’ve noticed while cashing out. I can’t seem to buy anything without giving away my email address or zip code.

What’s next? The guy selling me $4 headphones is going to want my Social Security number and blood type?

I realize the cashiers don’t make the rules, so I’m not going to tell them how I really feel. I give them my email address and apologize to my overflowing inbox later.

Then, they want me to sign up for “free” magazines or the super special company bonus savings card. Maybe I’ve been beaten down by too many scams, but I remain skeptical about fattening my wallet with another card. It’s already uncomfortable to sit on it.

As for the “free” magazines the nice cashier tries to talk me into, I know the trick.

I’ll forget to opt out of the not-so-free subscription, and I’ll be greeted with a nice, fat bill one day at the mailbox. What fun.

These businesses are doing their best to survive; I understand that.

However, if a store sells me a quality product or shows off some nice customer-service skills, I’ll come back. If they talk me into signing up for some scam, I’m not going to return.

So save the flashy emails and company cards.

Keep the checkout line moving so we can get on with our lives.