Something Must Be Done With Deer Population

To The Reader’s Forum:

I took a beautiful picture this morning of a mother deer with two fawns.

They are beautiful and destructive creatures that I don’t believe I should need to deal with. You see, I live about a block from WCA Hospital and a block from the Arterial. I spend, and have spent a lot of time, effort and money to make my yard beautiful for my neighbors and friends. It is very discouraging when every bud on my daylilies was stripped from the plant. The deer have also attacked my hydrangea, hosta, hens and chicks and cranesbill geranium.

I think it is definitely time for something to be done about out deer population before there are more deer than people in the city. How many fawns were born this year that have no predators? How many accidents will be caused by deer on the Arterial?

Jean Smith