DMV Computer Issues On The Mend

MAYVILLE – Many of the computer problems the Department of Motor Vehicles has been experiencing have been fixed.

Those who took a trip to the DMV on Monday or Tuesday may have experienced a longer-than-normal wait time when it came to processing. According to Tracie Haskin, deputy county clerk, the state had made upgrades to the computer system on Sunday.

However, when Monday rolled around and employees tried to access the system, it experienced an overload which led to delays.

“They worked on it Monday and Tuesday, and around 2:30 Tuesday (afternoon), the processing end of it came back up,” Haskin said. “They’re still experiencing delays on the inquiry end of it, but it’s more internal. They may not be able to look up things as quickly, but they are able to process. The processing is now going smoothly.”

Haskin said the DMV relied on the patience of customers needing assistance earlier this week, as employees navigated a slow system. Now that the system is back up, the state informed Haskins it is working on the inquiry process.

“They are aware that the inquiry side is going slowly, so they are working on it,” Haskin said. “Their biggest concern was the processing. So, as long as the processing is working, then the customers aren’t being impacted.”

According to Haskin, the state has not given an indication on how long it will take to fix the inquiry problems, but there will be little impact to customers.