Gun Exemption Is Unfair, Biased

To The Reader’s Forum:

The exemption to the so-called Safe Act which allows former law enforcement officers to own what is being considered “large capacity” magazines is almost as bad as the law itself.

What this says is some people are above the law and that once again most citizens are not equal under the law.

If there is an exemption for former police officers, why not for military veterans? Why not for certified hunter safety instructors? Why not for former conservation officers?

While this law itself will not save one life and could even add to deaths, the exemption makes even less sense. What this tells me is that the average citizen is a second-class citizen because he doesn’t get an exemption.

While we claim all men are created equal, it doesn’t take long for the law to change all that. In what way is this exemption fair to the average gun owner? In what way does this law protect people if these larger capacity magazines are supposedly so dangerous? It doesn’t. I call on our state lawmakers to either repeal this unfair, biased exemption or, at the very least, admit we are not all equal under the law, either way you who supported this have lost my support and my vote.

Rory B. Pollaro