An Even Eight

BEMUS POINT -Following Monday evening’s Billy Joel night, only eight singers remain in Chautauqua Lake Voices vocal competition.

Jamie Haight, Mike Bidney, Sara Ross and Julie Haight have been eliminated from Chautauqua Lake Voices.

“All 12 singers tonight were incredible,” said Andrew Hill, director of operations and programming for Media One Group, producer and host of the show. “They did a great job, but at this point after eliminating four singers, you’re going to see eight great singers perform.”

As a result of the show being postponed last week due to inclement weather, week four featured a repeat of the performers who took the stage during week three, as well as those who didn’t get the chance. Week four of the competition featured 12 performers, including: Dylan Carlson, Allison Beach, Nicole Tenpas, Michael Nugent, Bill Brunacini, Elizabeth Lucas, Teal Weatherley and Emily Windoft.

Jamie Haight opened the show with a performance of “Still Rock N’ Roll To Me.” Carlson then took on Joel’s classic “Piano Man,” which earned judge Patricia Newman’s “I love listening to your voice.” He was followed by Bidney, who performed “River of Dreams.” Beach, the fourth performer of the evening, shared “She’s Always A Woman” with the audience. The tune garnered Paterniti’s praise because she felt it was a singer-songwriter side of Beach that they hadn’t yet seen.

Tenpas’ “Honesty” followed, to which judge Tim Edborg admitted he felt was one of the most powerful voices he has heard. Nugent, who flexed his vocal chords with “Movin’ Out,” drew Edborg’s “nice muscles” comment, and Newman added, “flawless vocal performance.” Brunacini came dressed to impress as a waiter, complete with a folded napkin draped over his forearm, to perform “Scenes From an Italian Restaurant.” The rendition earned judge Drew Minton’s, “I don’t think we’ve seen anything like that – you did it, and it was good.”

Lucas’ “Vienna” performance followed, which Edborg told her she should be proud of. She was followed by Ross, who took on “Just The Way You Are.” Weatherley’s, “She’s Got A Way” was called “safe” by all four judges. Yet, Paterniti added that Weatherly was technically one of the best performers of the competition. For the second time, Windoft was voted “coolest performer” for her rendition of “Only The Good Die Young,” to which Minton commented “great to watch.” Julie Haight’s take on “Shameless” wrapped up the evening.

According to Hill, because the show was canceled last week, a decision was made to save the rain date and drop the boy band and pink night. So during next week’s show, the competitors will perform tunes by Madonna and Bon Jovi instead, and four more will be eliminated. In the finale show, which is scheduled for Aug. 19, the remaining four competitors will sing anything they would like, as well as perform a song chosen by the judges.

“You’re going to get the eight best of the competition,” said Hill. “You’re going to get a little bit of both Madonna and Bon Jovi because the singers can pick what they want to sing. At this point in the competition, even more so than in previous years, the judges are going to be nitpicky and looking for little mistakes to help with their decision of whose going to be moving on.”

The competition will continue Monday at 6:30 p.m. at the Floating Stage in Bemus Point. For more information visit or search for “Chautauqua Lake Voices” on Facebook.