Frewsburg Church To Host World Record Holding Knife Thrower

FREWSBURG – The Frewsburg First Baptist Church will be hosting a cowboy with a message after the Gerry Rodeo.

John and Monika Bailey, better known as Lash and Steel Ministries, will be visiting the Frewsburg First Baptist Church on Sunday and Monday, Aug. 4 and 5, and will be bringing with them an arsenal of knives, tomahawks and bullwhips.

Along with being an ordained preacher of the King James Version of the Gospel, John Bailey is also a Guinness World Record holder in whip-cracking speed and accuracy, as well as a three-time and current world champion quick draw knife thrower.

Lash and Steel Ministries hopes to give residents of Chautauqua County a few more days of excitement following the conclusion of the Gerry Rodeo on Saturday, Aug. 3, all the while sharing its message about God.

“It’s something that we’re doing for the community,” said Nick Cultrara, Frewsburg First Baptist Church pastor. “(John) is well known in his field, and with the rodeo concluding at that time, we thought it would be something great to do for everyone. He’s got a great message that he delivers along with his show, and he integrates a lot of different aspects into the performance he does, including a casual sermon while he is performing. It’s something for folks to see who are in town for or also enjoy the rodeo.”

According to Cultrara, the Frewsburg First Baptist Church attempted to hold the event at the rodeo itself, however the Gerry Rodeo no longer holds Sunday services, so it will instead be held at the church in Frewsburg.

Although Lash and Steel Ministries is based out of Florida, Cultrara found out about it through a friend of a friend, and was so impressed that he wanted to bring it to Frewsburg.

“He is very well known in Baptist circles,” said Cultrara. “He is an Evangelist that speaks all over the country, and recently did a shooting exposition in Pennsylvania. He was referred to me and I thought it would be great to try to get him here the same weekend as the Rodeo.”

The Frewsburg First Baptist Church is celebrating its 175th anniversary this year, and Cultrara said that Lash and Steel Ministries presenting its show is just another great way to celebrate the accomplishment.

“It’s a great tie in with our 175th (anniversary),” said Cultrara. “We have done everything we can to work with and give back to the community that has allowed us to operate for 175 years, and this ties in with our history well. We’re hoping to start something of a tradition here by bringing him in every year during the rodeo. It’s just very nice for us, being an anniversary year, to start something like this for the community.”

Lash and Steel Ministries will be performing at the church Sunday, Aug. 4, at 10:45 a.m. and again on Monday, Aug. 5, at 7 p.m. Admission is free, and all members of the public are welcome.

For more information on John and Monika Bailey, visit their website at