4-H Poultry Show Winners Announced

Although the birds are in cages, the 4-H Poultry Project members were “flying high,” with more than 125 birds on display in the County Fair Poultry Barn. 4-H members had ducks and chickens in Tuesday’s 4-H Poultry Show, judged by Paul Kroll, National APA/ABA Youth Poultry judge. Kroll not only judged the Showmanship Classes, but educated the youth and the crowd on the specific breed standards and many interesting facts about poultry and advice about caring for poultry.

While judging the Poultry Show, Kroll gave the youth the opportunity to hear educational comments about their birds while judging the quality of each bird.

The results were:

Best in Class: American – Jeremy Thuman; English – Bobby Nagel; Mediterranean – Billy Eskeli; Continental – Tessa Warner; Any Other Standard Breed – Robbie Clutter

Best Egg Production – Jared Dorman; Best Meat Production – Eric Witherow; Best Feather-legged Bantam – Billy Eskeli; Best Clean-legged Bantam – Billy Eskeli; Grand Champion Bantam – Billy Eskeli; Reserve Champion Bantam – Billy Eskeli; Best Waterfowl – Rachel Nomes; Grand Champion Market Poultry – Rachel Harper; Reserve Champion Market Poultry – Meggan Gierlinger; Grand Champion Large Fowl – Jeremy Thuman – Rhode Island Red Cock; Reserve Champion Large Fowl – Robbie Clutter – Phoenix Cock

Showmanship Class: Senior Showman Champion – Katelynn Gierlinger; Junior Showman Champion – Billy Eskeli; Novice Showman Champion – Lacey Johnson: Best of Show – Billy Eskeli – Brahma Bantam; Reserve Best of Show – Jeremy Thuman – Rhode Island Red Cock.

Cloverbuds participating in this year’s show were: Gracie Pfleuger, Jeremiah Phillips, Kamryn Harper, Jesse Bova and Caden Frost.