Colecraft Provides Furniture At Chautauqua

CHAUTAUQUA – Colecraft Commercial Furnishings of Jamestown has recently completed the design, manufacture and installation of furniture and millwork for Chautauqua Institution’s new Visitors Center.

The Visitors Center, located in the Post Office building adjacent to Bestor Plaza, is a central point on the campus to easily access information on upcoming lectures, musical performances, special events and accommodations for the Institution’s 100,000 annual visitors.

During the past nine months Colecraft designers and engineers have worked closely with the Institution’s marketing and facilities staff.

”Our design goal was to pay homage to the traditions and landmarks of historical Chautauqua while also providing for the sharing of information through modern media methods,” said Steven Krause, Colecraft design director.

Dave Messinger, Colecraft chief executive officer, said, ”The furniture designs are an eclectic mix of traditional Chautauqua combined with modern elements that serve to effectively mirror the unique mix of style and culture that is represented at the Institution.”

The focal point of the Visitors Center is the information desk. Here, staff will be available to help visitors plan their stay by providing information about programs, facilities and accommodations. The desk design incorporates elements of the Athenaeum Hotel styling and houses interactive technology that supports the communication of events and housing opportunities.

Surrounding the information desk are a variety of media displays of photos, artifacts, videos and literature that tell the story of Chautauqua Institution’s past, present and future.

In designing the media displays, ”The challenge we had was to seamlessly combine both style and function without compromising either one,” said Burke Baker, Colecraft senior product engineer.

”We are honored to have been selected by the marketing and facilities team at Chautauqua Institution to help them turn the vision of the Visitors Center into reality,” Messinger said. ”The furniture we manufactured here in Jamestown will provide decades of service to the Chautauqua community and serve to continue the reputation of Jamestown’s fine furniture production.”

Colecraft purchased the Crawford building, located at 1021 Allen St. in Jamestown in May of 2012 and moved into the facility in September. Prior to its recent move, Colecraft was located in Falconer for 10 years. The company provides high-quality commercial furniture used in business, education and institutions throughout the Eastern United States. Locally, Colecraft has provided furniture for the James Prendergast Library, Robert H. Jackson Center, Sheldon Foundation, BWB and Phillips Lytle.