Rocky’s Family Karate Caters To Men, Women, Children

If you literally enjoy kicking it with the family, there is a new spot in the city offering you that opportunity.

Rocky’s Family Karate & Fitness martial arts studio is offering family-oriented martial arts fun for men, women and children. The business opened July 1, and is located at 15 Tiffany Ave., Jamestown, on the second floor of the Tiffany Industrial Building. At the martial arts studio, people can learn American freestyle karate following the 10-belt ranking system. Also, there are self-defense and kickboxing classes.

“We are a family that loves to train hard, have fun, set goals and achieve them,” said Rocky Signorino, Rocky’s Family Karate & Fitness owner. “Karate is a wonderful activity for any individual or family no matter what your age or your physical capabilities. We provide group classes with a focus on individual achievements.”

Signorino said he focuses on karate forms, both empty hand and weapon; sparing; self-defense; and women’s kickboxing classes. He said he offers classes for all ages, from 3 to 70-plus.

“We understand that karate isn’t for everyone; that’s why we offer a women’s kickboxing class to not only get you in shape, but teach you how to properly kick and punch,” he said. “Our mission is to strive for a family-oriented martial arts studio. So come on out and have some fun.”

Signorino has been a karate instructor for 20 years. He has taught classes throughout the area.

“After high school, this is what I wanted to do full-time. It is my passion,” he said. “I have learned a lot over the many years of training, and have had the opportunity to train, and continue to train, with many talented martial artists. It is my goal to pass along all of my knowledge to others in a way I feel no other karate school around can.”

Signorino, who was born and raised in Jamestown, said this is his first martial arts studio he has owned. He said to be able to open it in his hometown is a wonderful experience.

“I’m a lifer here. To have my own place here is a dream come true,” he said.

Signorino offers classes Monday through Thursday nights and Saturday mornings. For more information on classes, call 665-8533 or visit