Potential Causes Of Hand And Wrist Pain

Q: I have tingling and numbness in my fingers. What should I do to eliminate my symptoms? Would ice or heat help?

A: There can be many reasons for tingling and numbness in the fingers. Seeking help from your primary care physician or an occupational therapist is a great idea to begin to narrow down potential causes and treatment options. There is a simple test that an occupational therapist can administer that will rule out some things, like carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis and perhaps point you in the right direction.

Q: I am a quilter, and after I finish a project, my fingers ache. Do I have to give up my favorite hobby?

A: The first thing is to determine the underlying cause of the ache to begin to address it. Typically, these things do not resolve on their own, and your activity could be making your symptoms worse. You may be experiencing symptoms of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. This develops with age and is due to the breakdown of the cartilage in the joints of the fingers. There is hope if it is better understood about the cause of the pain and if steps are taken to combat its progression.

Q: My husband works with his hands quite a bit, and sometimes his fingers will lock in one position. Should he force it to move or is he doing more damage?

A: He should be seen by his primary care physician or an occupational therapist to determine if he may have Dequervain’s Disease or trigger finger. This swelling and locking of the tendons within the hand can be addressed, and a solution can be drawn through seeking a few sessions of occupational therapy.

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