Student Exchange Program Seeks Families

The Academic Year in America (AYA) Student Exchange Program is looking for host families in Chautauqua County for the 2013-14 school year.

The students, from Germany, Brazil, China, Korea, Russia and other countries, are usually 16 years old. They speak good English and are curious about the American way of life.

They would like to attend a school in America and share their culture and language with their host family.

The exchange students arrive in August and leave after the end of school in June. Each student is insured, has his or her own spending money and looks forward to participating in the life of an American family.

Each student has been interviewed and screened by AYA and the U.S. Embassy in their home country.

Families can select a student from a large list of student applications. After a potential host family is approved, they can view student profiles that include their photograph, family photos and a personal autobiography.

Some students are also available for just the first semester of school, September to January or the second semester, January to June.

For more information on becoming a host family or the program, contact Mel Feather, local coordinator, at 569-4092.